The Truth About Heaven

7-dhvv-lgThe Truth About Heaven

Available on DVD

You will be amazed to discover so much of what has been taught about heaven is simply not what the Bible teaches!

In this landmark video teaching, Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe bring the facts from Scripture to light, and help you understand the joy which will be yours in heaven!

The video teaching reveals:

  • How your body will be different in heaven!
  • The facts about the first, second, and third heavens mentioned in Scripture.
  • What activities we will engage in, in heaven: eating, laughing, singing.
  • Where you’ll be during the Great Tribulation.
  • The first and second appearing of the “Holy City.”
  • The fascinating truth about the “New Jerusalem.”
  • What heaven will really look like.
  • What about sickness, sorrow, and death in heaven?
  • Whom you’ll recognize in heaven!
  • And much more.

Did you see the ABC TV special with Barbara Walters and famous people discussing heaven? You’ll hear the proper Biblical response to their conclusions. Were you taught that ‘good’ people go to heaven and ‘bad’ people don’t? You’ll be surprised to hear what the Bible has to say about that false teaching. Do you think if your good works outweigh your evil deeds, you will go to heaven? Lots of people think that! But this video will show you, it isn’t true at all. Ever wondered about food in heaven? This video reveals that the greatest feasts of all history will take place there!

The Truth About Heaven is one of the most compelling and relevant teachings Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe have ever produced, and it’s perfect to share with the people you care about – believers and non-believers alike.