Commander: Enemies Unable to Harm Iran

The Fars News Agency reports: “A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) underlined that enemies are unable to harm Iran, thanks to the country’s courageous militaries.

Addressing military, law enforcement and Basij (volunteer) forces in Iran’s Southern port city of Bandar Lengeh, Lieutenant Commander of the IRGC Naval Forces Alireza Tangsiri lauded Iranian Armed Forces’ performance throughout the last three decades since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

‘The enemies do not dare to invade this territory today due to the presence of brave military and Basij forces,’ Tangsiri stated.

He also called on the Iranian youths to take stronger and longer scientific steps, saying that Iran’s independence depends on progress in science and technology.

Iran has made giant advancement in expanding and equipping its naval forces both in the Army and the IRGC.

In a Sep. 11, 2008 report, the Washington Institute for the Near East Policy said that in the two decades since the Iran-Iraq War, the Islamic Republic has excelled in naval capabilities and is able to wage unique asymmetric warfare against larger naval forces…” (Proverbs 16:18 states: “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Vice-President Joe Biden called for a revolution in Iran similar to Egypt’s in February 2011. See also the next three articles.)

Commander: Iran Fully Prepared to Defend Persian Gulf Air Space

The Fars News Agency reports: “Commander of Iran’s Southern Air Defense Zone Qanbar Ali Salahian stressed his forces are fully ready to repel possible air raids on the country’s southern regions, the Persian Gulf in particular.

‘Air defense unit of the Southern Zone is protecting the Persian Gulf air space well through its skillful personnel, radar, missile systems, five missile defense systems in (the Southern port city of ) Bushehr and Khark together with hundreds of monitoring posts and electronic systems and fighter jets,’ Salahian told reporters.

Stressing that his forces are tasked with defending several Southern regions including Bushher, Shiraz, Khark and Taheri, the commander warned, ‘The unit will react to any kind of aggression through different military tactics, thanks to its surface-to-air heavy artillery systems.’

Iranian officials have announced that the country has now reached self-sufficiency in producing radar systems in different frequencies and for various ranges.

Also, Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani announced in December that the country’s experts are boosting the range of home-made air defense radar systems to 3000km.

‘Iran is working on a radar system that can cover areas within a range of 3,000 km,’ Miqani said, adding that the system will enable the country to identify all flying objects around the country.

A senior Iranian Air Defense commander also said in November that Iran’s radar systems can detect all flying objects in the entire region, even in the Persian Gulf littoral states…”

Iran cleric: Mideast unrest replay of our 1979 Islamic revolution

Haaretz reports: “The ‘aftershock’ of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution was now rocking Egypt and other Arab states, a senior ayatollah said in the Friday prayer ceremony in Tehran.

‘I herewith proclaim to those (Western leaders) who still do not want to see the realities that the political axis of the new Middle East will soon be Islamic rulership and a democracy based on religion,’ Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said.

‘All these protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen are inspired by Iran’s Islamic revolution and these countries are de facto rocked by the aftershock of the Iranian revolution,’ the ultra-conservative cleric added.

The ayatollah said that the era of ‘Western-backed dictators’ in the Arab world was over and the people have entered the scene with the slogan of Allaha Akbar (God is Great), which Khatami said…”

Iranian Speaker Terms Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt Islamic Awakening

The Fars News Agency reports: “Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that people’s uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt are the result of ‘the Islamic awakening’ in the Middle-Eastern countries.

Addressing a group of military commanders in the Northern city of Babolsar, Mazandaran province, Larijani described Tunisia and Egypt uprising as ‘the Islamic awakening’.

He said the Western media are trying to attribute the uprising of Egyptian people to Marxist trends but the people of world are aware that Middle East is chanting slogans of ‘Hijab, combating oppression and US’.

Larijani derided the US officials for their ambivalent approach pretending to be impartial about Egypt uprising whereas they want to manage the situation.

‘I’d like to ask the US government whether or not they wanted to build a ‘democracy tower’ in Iraq? Have you forgotten that you are bogged down in Afghanistan quagmire?’

Referring to the recent remarks of an American top official calling for democracy in Egypt, Larijani said that the Egyptian people do not want camel democracy…”

Report: Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl’

YnetNews.com reports: “Russian nuclear scientists providing technical assistance to the Iranian reactor in Bushehr have called on the Kremlin to postpone the complex’s activation for fear of ‘another Chernobyl’, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The scientists raised serious concerns over the extensive damage caused to the plant’s computer systems by the mysterious Stuxnet virus.

In October, Russian technicians began loading fuel rods into the nuclear power plant, which is slated to start supplying electricity this summer.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the scientists working at the plant have become so concerned by Iran’s apparent disregard for nuclear safety issues that they have lobbied the Kremlin directly to postpone activation until at least the end of the year, so that a proper assessment can be made of the damage caused to its computer operations by Stuxnet.

The New York Times reported that the Stuxnet virus had been developed by the United States and Israel at the Dimona reactor in southern Israel.

In a letter to the Kremlin, the Russian scientists concluded that, despite ‘performing simple, basic tests’ on the Bushehr reactor, the team ‘cannot guarantee safe activation of the reactor’.

They also accused the Iranian management team, which is under intense political pressure to stick to the deadline to activate the complex this summer, of ‘not exhibiting the professional and moral responsibility’ that is normally required.

The scientists accused the Iranians of having ‘disregard for human life’ and warn that Russia could find itself blamed for ‘another Chernobyl’ if it allows Bushehr to go ahead…” (The above warning by Russia is a possibility. God’s Word warns: “They that plow iniquity and sow wickedness reap the same.” See also Galatians 6:7, 8.)