News From Iran


January 2014: Two People Executed Every Day in Iran


January 21, 2014Israel National News reports: “A disturbing new trend is on the rise in Iran, according to Amnesty International.

Execution orders have risen dramatically since 2014 in the Islamic Republic, according to new statistics revealed by the watchdog group. In the 21 days since 2014 began, more than 40 orders have been issued – more than 33% of them in this past week alone.

‘The sharp rise in executions in Iran so far this month is alarming,’ said Hassiba Hadja Sahraoui, Deputy Program Manager for Amenesty International in the Middle East and North Africa. ‘Iranian authorities are trying to change their international image, but it’s meaningless if executions are being ordered at the same time.’

The organization emphasized that ‘the death penalty is a violation of the right to life of every human and is cruel, inhuman humiliating.’ As for Iran, ‘the Iranian authorities must urgently take steps to abolish the death penalty, which has been shown again and again not to have any special deterrent effect on crime,’ Sahraoui said.

Since the beginning of 2014, Amnesty International has documented 21 executions officially ordered by Iranian authorities, and 19 more executions have been reported from trusted sources, according to the organization.

‘Public executions are usually carried out by a crane, which lifts a noose hanging around the neck of the condemned,’ the organization noted…” (The denominational Shia’s of Islam who are but 10% of the Muslim religion control Iran and are sending their terroristic militants to fight in Syria where they killed 100,000 Sunnis – brothers in the faith. They have also killed thousands in Iraq and will soon disavow their six month pledge to abandon the making of nuclear weapons. Then they will attempt to slaughter millions in Western Europe, America, and Canada. However, the Sunnis who are 90% of the Muslim religion will soon take vengeance on the Shia murderers who have killed so many of their family members and people in Syria. See the next five ridiculous reports.)


Khamenei Warns U.S.: Show Self-Restraint


January 29, 2014Israel National News reports: “Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, hit out at the United States on Sunday, suggesting that the Americans ‘exercise self-restraint.’

The comments were made in response to ones made last week by Secretary of State John Kerry, who said the military option was still on the table if Iran fails to live up to its part of the agreement that was signed with it in Geneva.

In the televised address which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Khamenei also referred to American-Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who said in October that the United States should ‘drop a nuclear bomb’ on Iran.
Adelson, said Khamenei, should be ‘punched in the mouth and crushed.’…”


Rouhani: Israel Would be ‘Crazy’ to Attack


January 26, 2014 Israel National News reports: “Israel will not dare attack Iran, because it knows what the consequences will be, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. In an interview with CNN, Rouhani said that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be ‘crazy.’

Iran would agree not to enrich more uranium to levels that could be used for nuclear weapons, but it would not agree to relinquish any uranium it had already enriched, he said, addressing the recent discussions between Iran and Western countries. ‘It is part a part of our national pride, and nuclear technology has become indigenous,’ Rouhani said. ‘And recently, we have managed to secure very considerable prowess with regards to the fabrication of centrifuges,’ which the country would retain under any circumstances, he said.

‘In the context of R&D and peaceful nuclear technology, we will not accept any limitations,’ he said, adding that Iran was planning to use its nuclear facilities for medical purposes. ‘We are standing on our own two feet. Iranian scientists have designed this. We have constructed it. It’s nearly finished. So when it comes to medical concerns, we cannot accept limitations.’

Rouhani dismissed the possibility that Israel would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. ‘Israel knows very well what the response would be. Israel knows well our regional capability,’ he said. ‘When it comes to practice, the Israelis cannot do that. If they do such a crazy thing, our response will make them rue the day.’…”


Revolutionary Guards threaten U.S. after Kerry says military option is ‘ready’


January 27, 2014The Jerusalem Post reports: “The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, Maj.- Gen. Muhammad Ali Jafari, threatened the US with a strong military response after American Secretary of State John Kerry said a military option to counter the country’s nuclear drive was ‘ready.’

‘You could never understand the extent of the invasive capacity of the Islamic Republic of Iran,’ Jafari said Saturday according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.

‘Mr. Kerry must know that direct battle with the US is the biggest dream of pious and revolutionary people across the world. Your threats offer our revolutionary people the best opportunity,’ he said.

He went on to say that ‘wise’ American politicians would most likely prevent use of the ‘ridiculous military option.’

Kerry, in an exclusive interview with the Al Arabiya website on Thursday, said that if Iran did not abide by its commitments with world powers, ‘the military option of the United States is ready and prepared to do what it would have to do.’

Multiple senior Iranian officials responded to Kerry’s remarks.

‘The Americans are well aware that if they make a mistake, the Islamic Republic’s response will be crushing and devastating and in other words, we will give a response with a wider radius,’ Yadollah Javani, a senior official of the Revolutionary Guards, told Fars on Sunday. ‘The Islamic Republic can attack all the US interests in the region and they will never be able to show a proportionate reaction….’

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Iran would increase its military budget following Kerry’s comments…”


Iranian admiral: The U.S. can expect heavy losses at sea should it attack Iran


February 10, 2014The Jerusalem Post reports: “The commander of Iran’s navy threatens to sink American naval vessels, cites progressive naval capabilities after sending fleet toward US shores.

The commander of Iran’s navy ratcheted up the Islamic Republic’s recent rhetoric against the United States, threatening the Americans with major losses at sea should they chose to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

‘The Americans can fully expect that their warships [and] aircraft carrier will be sunk with all 5,000 crew aboard, in combat against Iran, and they could find its hulk in the depths of the sea,’ Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi was quoted as saying by semi-official Iranian Fars News on Sunday.

Fadavi said that since the day that the US warships entered the Persian Gulf, the IRGC Navy has evolved all its capabilities, training, structures, organizations and weapons to counter Washington’s threats, and added that the IRGC vessels in the region are monitoring every move made by the Americans…”


Iranian warships ‘to sail close to U.S. maritime border’


February 9, 2014BBC News reports: “Iranian warships in the Atlantic Ocean are to sail close to US maritime borders for the first time, a senior naval commander has said.

Iranian media quoted Adm Afshin Rezayee Haddad as saying the deployment was a response to US vessels in the Gulf.

The fleet consists of a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying supply ship.

It began its voyage last month and entered the Atlantic though South African waters, the IRNA news agency quoted the admiral as saying.

The Iranian ships are reported to be carrying about 30 navy academy cadets for training along with their regular crews. They are on a three-month mission.

Correspondents say that the voyage comes amid continuing efforts by Iran to project its power across the Middle East and beyond.

The semi-official Fars news agency said the move was a response to an increased US naval presence in the Gulf.

‘Iran’s military fleet is approaching the United States’ maritime borders, and this move has a message,’ it quoted Adm Rezayee Haddad as saying…”