Obama’s unmistakable message to Israel: You stand alone


August 6, 2015The Times of Israel reports: “In March 2013, US President Barack Obama addressed the Israeli people in Jerusalem, reassuring them that the world’s sole superpower would have their back in the face of threats from Iran and other Middle Eastern states seeking their annihilation.

‘Those who adhere to the ideology of rejecting Israel’s right to exist, they might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above, because Israel is not going anywhere,’ he said to raucous applause. ‘ And today, I want to tell you — particularly the young people — so that there’s no mistake here, so long as there is a United States of America — Atem lo levad. You are not alone.’

On Wednesday, in a speech at American University in Washington, Obama sent the opposite message to Jerusalem: You are indeed alone.

While he said he ‘deeply shares’ the American people’s ‘sincere affinity’ for Israel and remains committed to maintaining its ‘Qualitative Military Edge,’ when it comes to your government’s ferocious but ‘wrong’ opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran, he made clear, you are on your own…”

 Iranian Ayatollah Calls for Muslim World to Unite and ‘Expel’ Jews from the Region


August 10, 2015Breitbart.com reports: “Iran’s Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, a radical Shiite cleric whose position grants him enormous influence in Tehran and who is appointed directly by Iran’s Supreme Leader, called on Friday for the Muslim nations of the world to ‘unite and expel the Zionists from this region.’

The prayer leader, who often leads chants of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ took the time to thank Iran’s negotiators for reaching an agreement he believed was favorable to the regime in Tehran, Iran’s state-run IRIB news service reported.

Kashani told worshippers that Israel will only be satisfied with their position in the world ‘when all nations have perished and they alone remain in this world.’ This is why Israel has ‘no qualms whatsoever about spilling innocent blood,’ the Ayatollah said.

‘This regime [Israel] is amongst the vilest, inhuman and bloodthirsty regimes in the world, and Muslim nations must unite and expel the Zionists from this region if they want to live in peace and security,’ Kashani added.

By calling for the expulsion of ‘Zionists,’ Kashani specifically singles out the Jews of Israel, and not its Arab population…”

Hamas Demands Suicide Attacks Against Jews


August 3, 2015Israel National News reports: “The Hamas terrorist organization called for attacks against IDF soldiers and ‘settlers’ last Friday shortly after an Arab infant was killed in an arson attack at the village of Duma in Samaria, but now the group is stepping up its incitement and demanding that suicide bombings be deployed.

The IDF has indicated Jewish extremists may possibly have been behind the arson, given the presence of Hebrew graffiti at the site, and that pronouncement has sparked a cavalcade of condemnation by Israeli and international politicians against ‘Jewish terror’ – which was followed quickly by Arab calls for terrorism that were answered by a wave of attacks.

Hamad Al-Rakav, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza’s Khan Younis, said that residents of ‘the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem’ need to attack not only Israel, but also the Palestinian Authority (PA) Security Forces who are ‘traitors and collaborators.’ Hamas has long demanded that the PA drop its security collaboration with the IDF.

According to Al-Rakav, Hamas’s ‘armed wing,’ the Al-Qassam Brigades, will renew its activities in cities around Judea and Samaria and attack Jews in ‘revenge’ for the lethal arson, despite the fact that the identity of the culprits remains unknown.

‘The Zionists’ burning of the helpless infant that didn’t commit any crime is proof that they are thirsty to spill our blood and to commit crimes against our people,’ claimed the Hamas leader.

Calling for ‘revenge,’ Al-Rakav emphasized that the response required is a return to suicide bombing attacks…”

Khamenei Tweets: Israel a ‘Dangerous & Deadly Outgrowth’


July 29, 2015Israel National News reports: “Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameni, Iran’s Supreme Leader, tweeted Wednesday an old quote of his that as a result of the two world wars, ‘the dangerous & deadly #Zionist outgrowth was created in the heart of the world of Islam.’

Ayatollah Khamenei is the ‘religious’ and political leader of Iran who, from as early as 2001 to the present, has consistently maintained that ‘It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.’

Khamenei is also the man solely responsible for all decisions concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

President Barack Obama claims the same Khamenei has issued a religious fatwa against use of a nuclear bomb. The recent P5+1 Vienna Announcement, negotiated by six powers headed by the US, includes the release of upwards of 150 billion dollars of hard cash to Iran.

To put in context Khamenei’s description of Israel as an ‘outgrowth’, Khamenei stated in 2012, ‘From now on, in any place, if any nation or any group confronts the Zionist regime, we will endorse and we will help. We have no fear expressing this.’ He concluded by saying that Israel is a ‘cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut.’…”

Iran’s Khamenei reportedly publishes book on how to destroy Israel


August 2, 2015Haaretz reports: “Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has published a book on how to destroy Israel and outsmart the U.S., arguing that his position is based on ‘well-established Islamic principles,’ The New York Post reported Saturday.

The 416-page book, entitled ‘Palestine,’ reportedly reached The Post through a source Iran – the only place the book is said to be currently available in. The report has yet to be confirmed independently and was written by Amir Taheri – an Iranian expat whose reports have been mired in controversy amid claims of fabrications.

The book’s blurb reportedly bills it as ‘The flagbearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem.’

In the book Khamenei uses three words to state his position that Israel has no right to exist – ‘nabudi’ (annihilation), ‘imha’ (fading out), and ‘zaval’ (effacement.) The ayatollah labels Israel as ‘adou’ (enemy) and ‘doshman,’ (foe), because it is a loyal ‘ally of the American Great Satan;’ because it occupies Jerusalem, which Khamenei describes as ‘Islam’s third Holy City;’ and because it waged war on Muslims, thus becoming a ‘a hostile infidel’ (kaffir al-harbi).

According to The Post’s partial translation of the book, Khamenei insists that he is not recommending ‘classical wars’ to wipe Israel off the map or ‘massacre the Jews,’ rather a long period of low-intensity warfare designed to make life unpleasant if not impossible for a majority of Israeli Jews so that they leave the country…”