Hamas ‘Planning Suicide Attacks from Judea and Samaria’

Israel National News reports: “According to websites associated with the Fatah movement, Hamas is planning to carry out suicide attacks against Israel from Judea and Samaria, in order to bring down the wrath of the IDF on the Arabs in that region and topple the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority there.

The websites have published a document summarizing the contents of a meeting allegedly held early this year by top Hamas officials, in which the plan is finalized. There has been no independent verification of the document’s authenticity.

According to the document, the meeting was attended by top Hamas officials Halil al-Haya and Mahmoud Zahar, as well as the commanders of the Izzedine al-Kassam ‘military wing’ of Hamas.

It was decided that weapons would be sent into Judea and Samaria through Sinai in order to carry out deadly attacks against Israel, with the cooperation of other terror groups. The purpose of the attacks would be to weaken the PA and bring about its fall, when Israel responds militarily to the attacks…” (Satan hates Israel and Jews – I Chronicles 21:1. Iran and Islam will soon attempt to rid the world of Jews – Psalm 83:3-7. Jeremiah 30:7 states: “Alas, for that day is great [Armageddon] so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble [that’s Israel – II Kings 17:34].” During Armageddon, Yahweh God will come to the defense of Israel – Ezekiel 39:6 – and the armies of Russia, China, and the Arab confederation will be destroyed – Ezekiel 39:1, 2, 6, 12, 13. See the next five reports.)

Revolutionary Guard commander: Israel will be destroyed if Iran is attacked

Haaretz reports: “Israel will ‘definitely’ face fierce retaliation if it attacks Iranian nuclear sites, the acting commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard warned.

The remarks by Gen. Hossein Salami appear to be part of Iranian efforts to portray any strike against it as the trigger for a regional conflict that could draw in Iranian proxies, such as Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group, on Israel’s borders.

Iran’s suspect nuclear program has topped the international agenda and pressures on Tehran are mounting.

Israel has threatened to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities if Tehran doesn’t stop uranium enrichment – a process that can be a pathway to nuclear arms. The West and its allies fear Iran’s ambitions mask a pursuit of atomic weapons, a charge Tehran denies, saying its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes such as power generation and cancer treatment.

Salami was quoted by the semi-official ISNA news agency as saying Iran has prepared for ‘global battles.’

‘An attack by the Zionist regime would be an opportunity to destroy that regime,’ he said, speaking of Israel. ‘Their defense mechanism is not planned for big and long wars. Their threats are only psychological and if they cross the limit or act upon those threats, [Israel] will definitely be destroyed.’…”

Hamas Leader: Palestinian Stance against Israel Unchangeable

The Fars News Agency reports: “Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh underlined his nation’s irrevocable stance against Israel, stressing that Palestinians will never ignore even a single span of their land.

‘We (Palestinians) will never overlook even one span of Palestine’s soil because Palestine is an endowed land and no person, leader, organization or group is entitled to the right to ignore this land,’ Haniyeh said in a meeting on Saturday with the members of ‘Miles of Smiles 17’ aid convoy and an Indonesian delegation visiting Gaza.

‘Israel has no future in the Palestinian lands and our motto is that we will never recognize the Zionist regime,’ he said.

Pointing to the visit of ‘Miles of Smiles’ aid convoy to Gaza, Haniyeh said that visit to Gaza by any person or group supporting the Palestinian cause and ideals gladdens Gazans and other Palestinians.

‘Anyone who leaves his land to stay on the side of the Palestinian nation during Eid al-Adha ceremonies shows that the Palestinian cause is rooted in beliefs,’ the Palestinian prime minister said, and added, ‘The issue of Palestine is an essential issue of the Muslim Ummah (nation) and there is an unbreakable bond between the Muslim Ummah and this cause.’…”

Sudan declares support for Hamas, says does not fear ‘Israeli aggression’

Haaretz reports: “Sudan will not stop supporting Palestinian group Hamas despite Israeli ‘aggression,’ a senior Sudanese official said less than two weeks after Khartoum accused Israel of bombing an arms plant in the Sudanese capital.

Israel accuses Sudan of channeling weapons from Iran to Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, via Egypt’s Sinai desert. Sudan denies the charge but often expresses sympathy for Hamas in its conflict with Israel.

A blast at Khartoum’s Yarmouk arms factory drew new attention to the accusations after Sudan said an Israeli air strike was behind the explosion. Israel has not commented on the blast.

…Sudan’s Second Vice President al-Haj Adam Youssef said the incident would not stop Sudan supporting Hamas, whose officials have often visited Khartoum in the past, state radio reported in a text message sent to mobile phones.

‘We declare our support for Hamas … Israel’s aggression has not scared us,’ the message quoted him as saying.

A visit by two Iranian warships to a Sudanese port highlighted military ties between the two countries, and prompted speculation the stay was related to the arms factory blast. Sudan denied this, saying the visit was ‘routine.’…”