‘Obama: Israel doesn’t Know What’s Good for It’

Israel National News reports: “The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in Bloomberg View, has revealed that U.S. President Barack Obama said repeatedly recently that Israel does not know what its own best interests are.

When informed about the Israeli decision to approve construction plans in the E1 area, ‘Obama, who has a famously contentious relationship with the prime minister, didn’t even bother getting angry,’ wrote Goldberg. ‘He told several people that this sort of behavior on Netanyahu’s part is what he has come to expect, and he suggested that he has become inured to what he sees as self-defeating policies of his Israeli counterpart.

‘In the weeks after the UN vote, Obama said privately and repeatedly, ‘Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.’ With each new settlement announcement, in Obama’s view, Netanyahu is moving his country down a path toward near-total isolation.’

According to Goldberg, Obama ‘has become convinced that Netanyahu is so captive to the settler lobby, and so uninterested in making anything more than the slightest conciliatory gesture toward Palestinian moderates, that an investment of presidential interest in the peace process wouldn’t be a wise use of his time.’

‘For Israel,’ Goldberg predicts, ‘the short-term consequences of Obama’s frustration are limited. The U.S. won’t cut off its aid to Israel, and Obama’s effort to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions will continue whether or not he’s fed up with Netanyahu.

‘But it is in terms of American diplomatic protection – among the Europeans and especially at the UN – that Israel may one day soon notice a significant shift.’…” (Mr. President you are an egotistical, narcissist know-it-all. The Wall Street Journal called you “The Most anti-Semitic American leader ever. Try Psalms 122:6. It works for genuine Christian believers. See the next report.)

PM hits back at Obama: I know what’s best for Israel

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A day after US columnist Jeffrey Goldberg quoted US President Barack Obama as saying that Israel under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not know what is in its own best interest, Netanyahu visited the Gaza border, was told that December was the quietest month in the last 12 years, and essentially replied to Obama: ‘Yes I do.’

‘I think everyone understands that only Israel’s citizens will be the ones to determine who faithfully represents Israel’s vital interests,’ Netanyahu said on a visit to an army base near Gaza in his first direct response to Obama’s reported criticism. ‘Over the last four years we stood up against strong pressure, and I will continue to do so for Israel’s security.

Netanyahu, who was joined on his visit by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and top IDF brass, was told that according to the security establishment’s figures, December was the quietest month in the south since January 2001.

‘I am very impressed by the advanced technological means, and even more so by our young soldiers operating them here,’ he said. ‘The IDF, Shin Bet, and security force are doing very important work here. They are maintaining the quiet which has been kept since Operation Pillar of Defense.’

Netanyahu said that no one had any delusions, and that the quiet could be shattered at any time. But, he said, the IDF was prepared for any scenario. ‘We will do everything necessary to defend Israel’s citizens here and everywhere else.’…”

UN: Israel Must Withdraw From Judea, Samaria

Israel National News reports: “The United Nations says Israel must withdraw all of its citizens from the regions of Judea and Samaria.

The recommendation came in a report issued by the U.N. Human Rights Council, which has a history of passing numerous biased resolutions condemning Israel for various alleged ‘crimes’ each year.

‘Israel must, in compliance with Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions,’ the report said in part. ‘It must immediately initiate a process of withdrawal of all settlers from the occupied Palestinian territories.’

Israel’s Foreign Ministry responded in a fiery statement immediately to the report, which claimed that Jewish settlement activity only ‘hampers peace efforts.’

In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said, ‘The Human Rights Council has sadly distinguished itself by its systemically one-sided and biased approach towards Israel.

‘This latest report is yet another reminder of that,’ he added…” (120 Biblical texts inform the world that the land and it’s Holy City, Jerusalem, belongs to Israel and God’s Chosen People – the Jews –120 times. See Deuteronomy 7:7, 8; Psalm 2:6; Isaiah 59:20; Zechariah 2:10; 14:4; Luke 1:32, 33. The House of Jacob is Israel – “And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed” – Genesis 32:28.)

Netanyahu: It’s Time to Stand Up to Hizbullah

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a statement after Bulgaria officially blamed Hizbullah for a terrorist bombing in the country that killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian last year.

Netanyahu called on the international community to recognize Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.

The Bulgarian government said that two people with Canadian and Australian passports linked to Hizbullah were behind the July bus bombing.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada ‘takes the reported involvement of a dual national living in Lebanon very seriously and is working with Bulgarian authorities.’

Both Canada and the United States urged the European Union to take a harsher approach to Hizbullah. Shortly after the Burgas bombing, the EU decided not to list Hizbullah as a terrorist group.

‘We urge the European Union and all partners who have not already done so to list Hizbullah as a terrorist entity and prosecute terrorist acts committed by this inhuman organization to the fullest possible extent,’ Baird said, according to AFP.

United States counter-terror advisor John Brennan said the attack exposed Hizbullah as ‘a terrorist group that is willing to recklessly attack innocent men, women and children, and that poses a real and growing threat not only to Europe, but to the rest of the world.’…” (Amen Netanyahu – “Fight the good fight of faith” – I Timothy 6:12

Netanyahu: Iran preparing for another Holocaust

Haaretz reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of planning another ‘Holocaust,’ as the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

‘Holocaust denial is continued energetically by a central state in the world,’ he told his cabinet in Jerusalem.

‘Not by groups. Not by single individuals. Not by marginal elements. But by Iran, whose leaders on a daily basis and at the United Nations and any other platform deny that the Holocaust occurred, while at the same time they prepare what they believe will be an additional Holocaust: The destruction of the Jewish state.’

Israel, he said, would not make the mistake of underestimating the threat and his government’s first and foremost mission remained to prevent Tehran from becoming a nuclear power.

The day of remembrance marks the anniversary of the 1945 liberation by the advancing Red Army of the survivors of Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp…” (Hitler lost the first time and Ahmadinejad will lose the second time.

God says: “…I will give them [Israel] and everlasting name…” Isaiah 56:5. See the next two reports.)

Iran threatens ‘serious consequences’ for Tel Aviv

The Jerusalem Post reports: “In the wake of reported a reported Israeli air strike on a Syrian weapons center, Iran issued a threat to Israel.

The Iranian regime’s English language mouthpiece, Press TV, quoted a deputy foreign minister as saying that the ‘strike on Syria will have serious consequences for Tel Aviv.’ The official did not elaborate.

Earlier, the AP quoted a senior adviser to Iran’s supreme leader as saying that any attack on Syria would be seen by Tehran as an attack on itself.

The official, Ali Akbar Velayati, said the regime of Basher Assad is a central component of the ‘resistance front.’…”