Mufti: Jerusalem is ‘Islamic’

Israel National News reports: “The Supreme Palestinian Mufti, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, has issued a warning against what he says are the dangerous repercussions of excavation work Israel is allegedly carrying out next to the Al Aqsa Mosque, in territory he says is under the control of the Muslim Waqf trust, which administers the Islamic Al Aqsa complex.


He accuses Israel of trying to take over the mosque.


‘The radical settlers continue the daily damage to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque,’ Hussein wrote in a statement. ‘They burst into the territory of the Al Aqsa Mosque and pray in it.


‘The city of Al Quds [Jerusalem – DH] has an Islamic character and the occupation will not be able to take away its character and identity, even if it continues commiting crimes and forging the facts.’


The World Union of Muslim Sages declared Friday, November 22, a special day of support for the Al Aqsa Mosque and for Al Quds / Jerusalem. They called upon Muslim residents of Jerusalem to gather at the mosque in order to ‘protect it from the plots of the occupation authorities and the extremist Jewish groups.’


These Jewish groups, the Union of Muslim Sages said, seek to enable Jewish prayer at the site or demolish it and build the ‘false’ Jewish Temple upon its ruins…” (This headline is wishful thinking by Islamic leaders. Jerusalem since 1967, the Six-Day War, has been under the divine rulership of the Jews. In Zechariah 14:2 the city shall be taken by opposing enemies for just a few days and Christ then appears and His armies are triumphant – Zechariah 14:4. He then sets up His eternal kingdom in Jerusalem and rules and reigns and protects his chosen people the Jews – Luke 1:32, and 33.)


Hamas Official: We’ll Expel or Kill All the Zionists

Israel National News reports: “A senior Hamas official declared on Thursday [11/7/13] that his group intends to stick to its mission – ‘liberating’ all of ‘Palestine’ (meaning all of Israel).


The official, Khalil Al-Khiya, stressed that Hamas will never give up on one inch of ‘Palestine’. He made the comments during a memorial event for five Hamas terrorists who were killed by IDF soldiers in Gaza last week.


‘This way (in which the dead terrorists acted) sends a message to the Zionists, according to which they have no place in the land of Palestine,’ said Al-Khiya, who threatened, ‘We shall expel you from our land, we will fight on it against you, and we will either kill you or expel you from it after you surrender.’


Al-Khiya praised the ‘resistance’ in Judea and Samaria, calling on Palestinian Authority Arabs in the region to ‘continue the path of Jihad.’…” (See the preceding article which dispels the nonsense Hamas leaders proclaim about Islamic possession of Jerusalem. Proof! – Isaiah 59:20; Zechariah 2:10; and Isaiah 56:5 which states “I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name that shall not be cut off.” This has to do with His chosen people [Jews] – Luke 1:32, 33.


See more of the Islamic braggadocios and cocky nonsense in the next four reports.)



Arab MK: Israel Must Submit to Arab Demands or Disappear

Israel National News reports: “On Wednesday [10/30/13] MK Ibrahim Sarsour of the Arab Ra’am-Ta’al party accused the Israeli government of endangering Middle East stability in failing to make peace with the Palestinians, declaring that Israel must either submit to Arab demands or disappear.


He further claimed Israel was the ‘sole cause’ preventing advances in the peace talks because it continues to refuse to withdraw to the 1949 ceasefire lines, divide Jerusalem and let Arabs who fled in 1948 return with their descendants.


Sarsour concluded by threatening that ‘whoever doesn’t agree to divide Palestine into two countries…will deal with…a demand for all of Palestine from the sea to the [Jordan] river.’


He added that Israel has to decide to exist while recognizing all Palestinian rights, such as the right of refugee return, or else ‘cease existing.’…”



Iran: Israel Enemy of Establishment of Peace, Tranquility in Region

The Fars News Agency reports: “The Iranian foreign minister censured the war-mongering nature of the Zionist regime of Israel, saying such a regime which was born in tension survives in tension too.


‘The Zionist regime (of Israel) and its supporters in the United States survive on tension and crisis. Therefore, they do not want the regional problems to be solved and that is why they are worried,’ the Iranian top diplomat said in an interview with the state TV channel 2 on Monday [11/11/13].


He also said the angry remarks by Israel and its American supporters show that they are not happy about the considerable progress that was achieved during the latest round of talks between Iran and the world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program in Geneva.


On Sunday, Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee lambasted the Zionist regime for its attempts to spoil the positive atmosphere of the talks between Iran and the world powers in Geneva through its proteges.


‘Israel had plotted not to allow any agreement in these negotiations,’ Rezayee told FNA in Tehran.


Asked if he believed the Zionist lobby was powerful enough to influence the western parties in the negotiations between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany), he said, ‘It was something beyond lobbying and it was clear that there was a big collusion behind the scene.’…”



Iran State TV Presents: Missiles on Tel Aviv, Dimona

Israel National News reports: “As the new round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 – the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany – began in Geneva on Thursday [11/7/13], Iranian state TV aired a documentary about Iran’s missile capabilities, including an animated simulation of a missile attack on Tel Aviv.


The simulation depicts an Iranian response to an airstrike by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to Iransview.com. It shows Sijjil long range missiles hitting critical targets in Tel Aviv, as well as Dimona, where Israel’s main nuclear reactor is allegedly based, on Ben Gurion Airport and on what appears to be a missile launch site.


In March 21, notes Iransview.com, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his country would destroy the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa if attacked.


‘At times the officials of the Zionist regime threaten to launch a military invasion, but they themselves know that if they make the slightest mistake the Islamic Republic will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground,’ Khamenei said.


In September, the Iranian military paraded its arsenal of ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israeli and other western targets…”



Fatah Gloats: Israel, Go Pray for Your Dead

Israel National News reports: “The Fatah movement has welcomed the latest freed terrorists as ‘heroes’ and mocked Israel, telling Israelis to ‘Die in your rage.’


Abbas Zaki, speaking for Fatah, mocked Israel in a speech that was translated by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization.


He began by praising the killers’ release as a sign of defeat for Israel. ‘How great what President Mahmoud Abbas has done, who through his insight knew how to defeat the enemies,’ he declared.


‘No one expected that Israel, which hands down life sentences and decided that they [the prisoners] would go from prison to the grave, [would release them],’ he said.


‘We say to Israel: Die in your rage. Go to your cemeteries and recite over your dead whatever you recite. Here they are [who Israel said] ‘have blood on their hands’ (i.e., murderers); here they are [back] among their own people: fighters, knights, free men!’ Zaki continued.


The freed killers ‘have become medals of honor on the chest of this nation,’ he declared…”



Iran’s Revolutionary Guards committed to ‘Death to America’

YnetNews.com reports: “The Revolutionary Guards, the elite Iranian regime’s army, said Saturday [11/2/13] they are committed to the slogan ‘Death to America,’ chanted at official ceremonies, just days before the 34th anniversary of the storming of the American Embassy in Tehran.


‘The slogan Death to America is the symbol of strength and determination of the Iranian nation against the dominance of the United States, which is an oppressive and untrustworthy nation,’ said the Revolutionary Guards on their official website.


In recent weeks, a debate was launched in Iran on the merits of continuing to chant ‘Death to America ‘ during official ceremonies, while some relaxation occurred in relations between Tehran and Washington since the election in June of moderate President Hassan Rohani.


‘Telephone espionage by the United States government against the people of other countries are proof that you cannot trust the leadership of the White House’, the military group said…” (This and more empty and arrogant boasting appear in the next two reports. Why? Our God Yahweh promises “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance” – Psalm 33:12. See the next two reports.)



U.S. threatened with ‘heaviest damage in history’

WND.com reports: “In a pointed message to Washington, the second in just days, an Iranian general has warned of great destruction being delivered to the United States.


‘The Americans’ catch-phrase ‘the military option is on the table’ (over the nuclear issue) is a bluff,’ said Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces.


‘They are aware of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s capabilities. The slightest military mistake against Iran will make the Americans witness the heaviest damage in their history in their own eyes,’ the semi-official Fars News Agency reported Monday [11/11/13].


On Saturday the general said, ‘America’s interests and all of Israel are within the range of the Islamic Republic and there is not the slightest doubt among Iran’s armed forces to confront the American government and the Zionists (Israel).’


Jazayeri said Israel is pulling the strings of Washington and ‘the American government is one of the most hated and evil governments in the world.’…”



Bennett: Iranian Nuclear Weapon a Threat to the West

Israel National News reports: “In an interview with Fox News Sunday [11/10/13], Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said that Iran must be stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons ‘at all costs.’


An Iranian bomb would, without doubt, be used against the West he said.


Now is the time to prevent a nuclear 9/11,’ he declared, referring to the 2001 attacks by Al Qaeda against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


The West, indeed, is in danger, Bennett said in the interview. ‘The deal we need to strive for is one that will remove from Iran its ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. Today Iran has some 18,000 centrifuges, and we want to dismantle them,’ he said…”