‘Netanyahu, Barak mulling fall strike on Iran’

YnetNews.com reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak advocate an attack of Iran’s nuclear facilities in the upcoming fall, Yedioth Ahronoth’s senior commentators Nahum Barnea and Shimon Shiffer reported.

According to Barnea and Shiffer, ‘Not a single state official or military official or even the president – supports an Israeli attack in Iran.’

The report stated that Netanyahu and Barak believe that setting back Iran’s nuclear project is worth the risk – while defense officials believe the opposite to be true. The report also referred to Netanyahu’s certainty that US President Barack Obama will not stop Iran’s nuclear development on time…” (Reports are circulating that the attack on Iran could happen very soon. There is little hope for Israel’s safety otherwise. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly warned that Islam’s messiah, Mahdi, will only appear if a massacre of Jews occurs first. Pray for the people of Israel; a second holocaust may be on its way – Psalm 122:6. See the next three reports.)

Report: Saudis Threaten to Shoot Down Iran-Bound Israeli Planes

Israel National News reports: “Saudi Arabia has informed Israel in recent weeks that it will shoot down any Israeli planes that fly over its airspace on their way to or from Iran. A report in Yediot Achronot said that the Saudis have made it known that they will not allow their airspace to be used for any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel, the U.S., or any other country.

According to the report, the Saudis transferred the message to Israel via senior officials in the administration of U.S. President Barack H. Obama. The officials had just recently returned from talks in Israel with senior members of the government.

IDF intelligence, the report said, had identified four air routes that could be used to attack Iran – one of them over Saudi Arabia. The Saudi route would have Israeli fighter jets flying south, turning into Saudi territory for a short time, and then exiting into the Persian Gulf and Iran.

As a result of the warning, the report said, Israeli officials are now concerned that they will have to figure out a way to avoid a battle with the Saudi air force if the southern route is chosen. Although Saudi pilots are not known for their skills, the country has a wide array of sophisticated defensive and offensive systems and weapons, thanks to massive American arms sales…”

An Attack on Iran ‘Within Weeks or Months’

Israel National News reports: “Aharon Ze’evi-Farkash, former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate, predicted that an Israeli attack on Iran could take place in the near future.

‘It could happen within weeks or months,’ Ze’evi-Farkash said in an interview with Channel 2 News.

‘There is a need to stop Iran’s nuclear program,’ he clarified, adding, ‘I do not know if Israel plans to attack soon, the prime minister said the issue has not yet been decided. But the way I understand the big picture, it seems it will happen soon.’

Ze’evi-Farkash also sided with other former senior defense officials, such as former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin, who have expressed their opposition to the move. Ze’evi-Farkash warned that an attack on Iran may cause significant damage to Israel, saying he believes Israel should prepare a plan for military action, but at least for now – not apply it in practice.

‘We must take into account that at this time we should re-evaluate the picture that emerges regarding our ability to act, when required to do so,’ he said, stressing that his remarks should not be seen as a call to remove the military option off the table.

‘The Iranians need to understand that if they do not cease their efforts to become nuclear, the moment will come when they will have to absorb a blow – especially to their military bases,’ said Ze’evi-Farkash, who predicted that in such a case the IDF will not operate alone. ‘The blow will be dealt by a coalition, an American one or even an Israeli one.’…”

Netanyahu: Khamenei ‘Not a Rational Leader’

Israel National News reports: “After a week in which security officials past and present explained why they strongly oppose an Israeli attack on Iran, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has clarified why he is seriously considering taking action against the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Netanyahu made the remarks in a closed meeting and was quoted in a report on Channel 2 News.

‘Khamenei is not a rational leader, just like the leaders of North Korea who are totally unpredictable,’ Netanyahu was quoted in the report as having said. He added that when Iranians speak of the destruction of Israel they may really mean it.

Netanyahu also stressed, ‘In war, 90% of damages to the home front can be prevented with proper defense. It is impossible to defend oneself against nuclear weapons.’

He also addressed the possibility of American involvement in the attack and said, ‘I am not messianistic. I too wish that the United States will do the job.’ He stressed, however, that under the conditions that the United States is placing and given the pace at which Iran enriches uranium, American involvement is not certain…”

Navy Commander: Security of Strait of Hormuz Fully Depends on Iran

The Fars News Agency reports: “Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined Iran’s tight and full control over the regional waters, specially the Strait of Hormuz, saying that the US moves, including its future wargames with 20 other states in the region cannot undermine Iran’s might and power.

‘Iran is the greatest maintainer and protector of security in the Persian Gulf,’ Sayyari said, and dismissed the US announcement about its imminent wargames in the regional waters in the Persian Gulf as unimportant.

‘Iran has seen so many similar stances of the US and Washington’s decisions, moves and wargames have no impact on the Islamic Republic of Iran,’ he continued.

‘The US imagines that it can affect Iran by announcing that it would stage a demining exercise, but this won’t happen,’ the Admiral reiterated.

He said security of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz fully depends on Tehran. ‘Administering (affairs in the) Strait of Hormuz and full control of the region lie in Iran’s hand.’

He further warned the Arab states on the Southern rims of the Persian Gulf to distance themselves from the US and more rely on their internal power, reminding that regional security can only be established through the joint cooperation of the regional states…” (“This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come” – II Timothy 3:5. The battle at the Strait of Hormuz could, according to Ted Koppel, who investigated the area claims that the fight could cause the greatest problem ever over oil being cut off to numerous nations causing gas prices as high as $10.00 per gallon.)

Egyptian Protesters Demand to End Ties with Israel

Israel National News reports: “Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the residence of Israel’s ambassador to Egypt in Cairo, demanding that the government cease all diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in light of the attack along the border between Israel, Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

While the perpetrators remain unknown, Egypt has blamed Israel for the attack, which killed 17 Egyptian soldiers and injured seven.

‘It’s definitely Israel who is behind it; we demand the termination of any political relations with Israel,’ said Ahmed El-Toni, one of the protesters, who referred to himself as an ‘independent activist,’ Ahram Online reported.

He also criticized Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi for not yet taking action against the assumed culprits…” (Armageddon will be global over Israel. Gog of Magog – led by Russia will include an Islamic alliance who joins Russia for what the Jews call the ‘Battle of Battles’ – Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39; Revelation 16:12; Revelation 9:14 – 18. Israel becomes the primary nation under attack mentioned 18 times in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Ezekiel 38:8, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19; 39:2, 4, twice in 7, 9, 11, 12, 17, 22, 23, 25, and 29. This battle begins over the division of Jerusalem – Joel 3:2. See the next report.)

Al-Aqsa Sheikh: Jerusalem will be Muslim Forever

Israel National News reports: “Sheikh Yusuf Salameh, a preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, denounced a statement by Israel’s Attorney General that Israeli law must be applied to the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in Jerusalem.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has said that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is part of Israeli territory so Israeli law applies there, including antiquities laws and laws regarding building and planning.

At the same time, he said, the law had to be applied with extra sensitivity and pragmatism, due to its unique nature.

In response, Sheikh Salemeh said that ‘Al-Quds’ (the Arabic name for Jerusalem) is an Islamic city, as determined by the creator of the world and as indicated in the Koran.

He said that no decision by one person or another will be able to change this reality, stressing that ‘Al-Quds’ will remain Islamic until the end of time. ‘Al-Quds threw up its occupiers in the past and it will throw up this occupier, too,’ he said…”