Ahmadinejad: Israel’s existence is ‘an insult to all humanity’

Haaretz reports: “Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Israel’s existence is an ‘insult to all humanity.’

Addressing worshippers at Tehran University after nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies, an annual event marking Quds (Jerusalem) Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, Ahmadinejad said confronting Israel is an effort to ‘protect the dignity of all human beings.’

According to state media, millions of people were expected to attend the rallies, organized by the state throughout the country, and voice their support for Palestinians and the ‘liberation of their lands from the Zionist regime’s occupation.’

Iranian state television stopped its regular schedule and focused on live coverage of the rallies.

The late supreme leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, declared the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan as Quds (Jerusalem)-Day and called for annual mass rallies against Israel and in support of the Palestinians…”

Terrorists Warn Israel: Harming Al-Aqsa Will Open Gates of Hell

Israel National News reports: “The Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization threatened Israel warning it that any harm to the Al-Aqsa mosque would ‘open the gates of hell against the Zionist enemy.’

In a statement the organization issued, it stressed its commitment to protecting the dignity of the mosque, which it claimed is being ‘contaminated by the Zionists’, through the masses of the Islamic nation which has started waking up and meeting its religious commitment towards ‘Palestine’ and towards the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The statement further noted that the Israeli violation of Islamic holy places in Jerusalem was made possible because Israel saw the helplessness of the Muslims for decades, and now the time has come to mobilize the Islamic nation to action and ‘save’ the Al-Aqsa mosque from the ‘Zionist impurity.’

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the former mufti of Jerusalem, said in this regard that the area of the Al-Aqsa mosque, including the Al-Buraq Wall (the Arabic term for the Western Wall) belongs only to Muslims, and Jews have no right to it…” (930 times God’s Holy Word states that Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Jews. “…out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem” – Isaiah 2:3. This is when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth and rules the world from Jerusalem – Zechariah 14:4; Luke 1:32, 33; Matthew 5:45.)

U.S. Tells Iran: We Won’t Join Israeli Attack

Israel National News reports: “Senior officials in the Obama Administration sent a message to Tehran, according to which the U.S. does not intend to join Israel’s side if it decides to attack the Iranian nuclear installations on its own, reports Israel’s second-largest paper, Yediot Aharonot.

According to the report, the U.S. sent the message to Iran in order to avoid an Iranian response military response that would target U.S. installations in the Gulf region.

The message was reportedly conveyed to Iran through two European countries that serve as a conduit of communication between Iran and the U.S. in times of crisis…” (This is our President’s doing as he reneges on previous promises to Israel. His Muslim father, aunts and uncles and cousins must be proud of his anti-Israel, anti-Christian, and anti-Christ decision. I Chronicles 21:1: “…Satan stood up against Israel…” Enough said.)

Bolton to Israel: Attack, It’s Your Right

Israel National News reports: “Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, said in an interview published that he does not believe President Barack Obama will order an attack on Iran, now or in the future, and urged Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear program on its own.

Speaking to Maariv’s Tzach Yoked, Bolton said that ‘there is no way at this stage to prevent Iran from going nuclear without use of force. It is very unfortunate in my opinion, but I see no possibility that Obama will use military force, and therefore it falls upon Israel. I think that even though the Administration says that containment is not its policy, it will become its policy the day after Iran possesses nuclear weapons. They won’t like it, but they do believe that a nuclear Iran can be contained, just as we contained the nuclear Soviet Union during the Cold War.’

‘Iran is not in a race for building one or two bombs,’ Bolton continued. ‘I think they believe that time is on their side and they will continue with what seems like a well thought-out plan, mostly because they believe that the United States under Obama’s leadership will do nothing. And of course, they are afraid of Israel, but I think they trust Obama to pressure Israel not to do anything, and until now this has proved right.’

‘I think Israel, like any other country, has a legitimate right to self-defense,’ Bolton told Maariv. ‘Israel has twice attacked enemies that were developing nuclear weapons, and it has the right to do so in this case as well.’…” (Thank God for our former Ambassador to the UN. Here is a leader who has God’s love for the Jews in his heart and mind – Deuteronomy 7:7, 8. Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president has plainly stated that Mahdi, his loving Shiite messiah will not appear until most Jews are eliminated, yes, exterminated. If you think this monsters creation of nuclear weapons is for peaceful purposes, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. His goal is Psalm 83:4: “…let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” See the next report.)

Iran Sees Israeli Threats as Mere Psychological War

The Fars News Agency reports: “The Israeli officials’ war rhetoric against Iran serves psychological purposes rather than being an actual threat Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said, but meantime, underlined that Tehran deals with all threats seriously.

Speaking to reporters following a cabinet meeting here in Tehran, Salehi played down the Israeli regime’s recently intensified war rhetoric about an impending air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, but meantime, stressed that Tehran would never ignore even the slightest threats.

‘Iran is vigilant and awake to the threats. We take every trivial threat seriously and make the necessary preparations to respond to any measure, but this does not mean that these threats are serious,’ he reiterated.

‘Our duty requires us to take the threats seriously but Israel is not in a position to do so,’ he said…”