With bomb covered in poisoned nails, Palestinian tried to attack Jerusalem tram

August 2, 2016The Times of Israel reports: “A Hebron University student who attempted to bomb the Jerusalem light rail last month sneaked into the capital through a valley east of the city, police revealed Tuesday.

On July 15, Ali Abu Hassan entered Israel through a valley outside of the eastern Tsur Baher neighborhood, with the intention of carrying out an attack in the capital as a form of ‘revenge for visits by tourists and Israeli Jews to the Temple Mount,’ police said in a statement.

He was armed with three pipe bombs he had linked together into one large explosive and covered with nails and screws dipped in rat poison. ‘In his bag there were also two knives and a cellphone,’ police said Tuesday.

Hassan researched how to make a pipe bomb that would ‘cause the most, and most effective, damage’ on the internet and ‘even carried out a test explosion with a number of bombs in order to check them before entering Israel,’ according to a joint Shin Bet-Israel Police investigation…”  (It’s Muslims like these about whom Paul was speaking when he stated in II Timothy 3:13 – “…evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”  And Jesus described these ungodly murderers in Matthew 23:33 when He stated: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”  See the next report.)

 “Striking Israel will bring destruction upon Hamas”

July 28, 2016Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu participated on Thursday afternoon in a ceremony celebrating the completion of a defense project for housing in the communities of the Gaza belt. While there, he emphasized achievements in deterrence as a result of Operation Protective Edge, and threatened a powerful reaction to a disturbance of quiet.

‘The Operation gave us the quietest two years of the past decade,’ he said. ‘Look, we don’t have the ability to shape the strategic environment in which we live, but we do have the ability to achieve deterrence against our enemies and, when needed, strike terror infrastructure in a significant way.’

According to the Prime Minister, the policy now is to react with determination against any disturbance of calm – even the slightest – ‘and to convey to the enemy that the rules of the game have changed. If we have quiet, Gaza will have quiet, striking us will bring destruction upon Hamas, and Jihad, and anybody that tries to hurt us from the other side of the fence. We will react powerfully to any attempt to hurt our communities and our citizens.’…” (God loves His chosen people the Jews – Isaiah 41:2; 45:4; 65:9, and 22.  This loving God wants all Christians to show love to the Jewish race.  Psalms 122:6 states: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”  God’s eternal love for His Jewish people as manifested in Isaiah 56: 5 where God lovingly says: “…I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name that shall not be cut off.”  Amen!  See the next report.)

 Khamenei: Saudi ties with Zionist regime a stab in the back to Muslims

August 2, 2016 — The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed Saudi Arabia on Monday for allegedly tightening its ties with Israel.

‘Revelation of Saudi government’s relations with Zionist regime was stab in the back of Islamic Ummah,’ Khamenei tweeted.

While Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have formal relations, media reports have suggested that common interests, such as a fear of Iran’s nuclear program and Tehran’s efforts to gain influence in the Middle East, have drawn the Kingdom and the Jewish state closer together.

Former Saudi general Anwar Eshki visited Israel last month, meeting with Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold and a number of Israeli MKs.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hinted repeatedly about covert ties with the Sunni Arab world based on common interests, such as the fight against extremism.

Khamenei suggested that the Saudi move to warm up to Israel, as well as the Kingdom’s involvement in Yemen’s conflict, were being guided by the United States…”


Gaza summer camps train teens for jihad

July 24, 2016 — The Times of Israel reports: “A new promotional video for a Hamas summer camp in the Gaza Strip touts the military training and religious teachings it provides to Palestinian teenagers, who are instructed on waging ‘Jihad for the sake of Allah.’

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube this week, and which has been translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, shows teens undergoing physical training and practicing the use of firearms at the ‘Vanguards of Liberation’ camp.

According to the clip’s narrator, ‘the mujahideen of the Al-Qassam Brigades [Hamas’s military wing] are training the participating youngsters in various skills, and are guarding them and helping them along their road to freedom and victory.’

One teen told the camera he and his friends were there ‘to prepare ourselves for the final and decisive battle with the tyrannical occupation that defiled our land and our holy places’ and ‘to take revenge upon the tyrannical Zionist occupation.’…”  (I repeat what I said earlier quoting Isaiah 56:5 the Almighty God says “…I will give Israel an everlasting name…”  Everlasting or eternal cannot be translated any other way.  And God means what he says.)