NATO wary of Russian, Chinese ‘gains’ on southern flank

SpaceWar.com reports: “NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg pledged more support Thursday for countries in Africa and the Middle East as the alliance looks to compete with Russia’s and China’s growing influence in the regions. Leaders meeting […]

Russian Missile Strike in Odesa Kills 17

Voice of America News reports: “Early morning Russian missile strikes in Ukraine’s Odesa region Friday killed at least 17 people. Dozens of people were injured in the strikes. At least one of the targeted sites […]

US test of new hypersonic missile fails amid China, Russia pressure

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A flight test of a new US hypersonic missile system in Hawaii, named ‘Conventional Prompt Strike,’ failed, most likely due to a problem that took place after ignition, the US Department […]

Iran reportedly arrests an IRGC general on charges of spying for Israel

The Times of Israel reports: “A senior general in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp was secretly arrested earlier this month for allegedly spying for Israel, according to a report published Wednesday by The New York Times. […]

U.S. Presbyterian Church: Israel is apartheid state, creates Nakba Remembrance Day

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The US Presbyterian Church voted to declare Israel an apartheid state and establish a Nakba Remembrance Day, as well as passing two other resolutions highly critical of Israel on Tuesday at […]

Stoltenberg: Russia poses a ‘direct threat’ to NATO security

SpaceWar.com reports: “NATO leaders meeting in Madrid Wednesday are set to label Russia a menace to their security as they overhaul the alliance’s defences in response to the war on Ukraine, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg […]

Beijing slams NATO over ‘completely futile’ China warning

SpaceWar.com reports: “Beijing on Thursday slammed NATO over a ‘completely futile’ warning in which the group said for the first time in a guiding blueprint that China’s power challenges the military alliance. The response came […]

Egypt warns Iran not to target Israelis on its soil -report

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Egypt has warned Iran not to target Israelis on its soil, reported the UK-based publication Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. Citing Egyptian sources, the report said that Egyptian intelligence officials recently met with their […]

IDF stopped hackers from hitting US power plants – Unit 8200 official

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Deputy chief of the IDF’s Unit 8200 Col. U. on Wednesday said that his intelligence agency had previously warned the US of attempts to hack the country’s power plants in time […]

‘Iranian security establishment shaken by Israeli breaches’

Israel National News reports: “A series of recent incidents inside Iran attributed to Israeli agents has significantly undermined the Iranian security establishment’s confidence in its own intelligence operations, and led to the recent shakeup in […]

Zelenskyy Calls Russia ‘Terrorist State’ After Latest Attacks on Ukraine

Voice of America News reports: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Russia a ‘terrorist state’ on Tuesday and urged the United Nations to send a commission to investigate a deadly missile strike on a shopping mall […]

UK military chiefs urge army ‘mobilisation’ over Russia threat

SpaceWar.com reports: “British military leaders warned Tuesday that UK armed forces must ‘mobilise’ in response to the threat posed by Russia, with the army’s new chief invoking the Allies’ struggle against Nazi Germany. Defence Secretary […]