Netanyahu: Abbas continues to run away from peace

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday evening responded to Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the UN Security Council, noting that Abbas continues to avoid direct talks with Israel. […]

Israel, U.S. Successfully Test Hetz 3 Exoatmospheric Anti-Missile System reports: “Israel and the United States have conducted a successful test of the Hetz 3 (‘Arrow-3’) long-range missile system, capable of intercepting ballistic missiles in space, the Israeli Defense Ministry said Monday. ‘Last night […]

800 Christians flee Pakistan neighbourhood after violent mob demands death for ‘blasphemy’ reports: “As many as 800 Christians fled a neighbourhood in Pakistan this week, after a violent Muslim mob demanded capital punishment for the ‘blasphemy’ of a 20-year-old Christian man. Patras Masih, from the Dhair […]

Russian FM criticizes Iran’s calls for Israel’s destruction

Israel National News reports: “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday issued a rare condemnation of Iran’s remarks calling for Israel to be wiped off the map. At the same time, he also said he […]

‘We must wage a campaign against the head of the octopus – Iran’

Israel National News reports: “Jewish Home Minister Naftali Bennett addressed recent security-related incidents in southern Israel during the Arutz Sheva’s conference in Jerusalem. The conference on US-Israel relations was organized by Dr. Joe Frager in […]

Iran threatens to ‘level Tel Aviv,’ kill Netanyahu if Israel attacks

The Times of Israel reports: “Tel Aviv will be ‘leveled to the ground’ if Israel attacks Iran, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not escape with his life, a senior official in the Islamic republic’s […]

Iraqi Archbishop: Muslim ‘Slow-Motion Genocide’ of Christians Began 1400 Years Ago reports: “The violent Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East did not begin with the Islamic State’s rise to power in 2014, said Iraqi Archishop Bashar Warda, but rather many centuries ago. ‘Having […]

Syria war: Scores of civilians killed in Eastern Ghouta strikes

BBC News reports: “Bombardments by Syrian government forces have killed at least 100 people including 20 children in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus, rescue teams and monitors say. This would make Monday one […]

Weekly Newsletter – February 19, 2018

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Teen in Sweden Beat Sister with Baseball Bat for Refusing to Wear Islamic Veil reports: “A 19-year-old man in Sweden has been charged with abuse after he beat his 14-year-old sister with a baseball bat because she refused to wear an Islamic veil. The young man, who lives […]

Artificial intelligence poses questions for nature of war reports: “Artificial intelligence and its impact on weapons of the future has made US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis doubt his own theories on warfare. A question on the subject prompted the retired Marine general […]

Zarif: If Israel attacks us, they’ll see the response

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday threatened that if Israel attacked his country, it will ‘see the response’. Zarif also told NBC News in an interview that last week’s […]