North Korean leader oversees artillery drills near border

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a large-scale artillery drill amid Pyongyang’s fury at US-South Korea joint exercises that began this week, state media reported Friday.

The drills on Thursday ‘aimed to increase the combat readiness posture and actual war capability,’ the KCNA state news agency reported, as tensions mount between Pyongyang and Seoul.

The live-fire drills involved border units ‘that put the enemy’s capital in their striking range,’ the KCNA report said, and came a day after Kim visited a base in the country’s western region.

North Korea on Tuesday warned that Seoul and Washington would pay a ‘dear price’ over the large-scale military exercises, known as ‘Freedom Shield’ that started Monday, urging the allies to cease ‘frantic war drills’.

So far this year, Pyongyang has declared South Korea its ‘principal enemy’, jettisoned agencies dedicated to reunification and outreach, and threatened war over ‘even 0.001 mm’ of territorial infringement…”

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