Only 6% of self-professed Christians hold biblical worldview amid increasing syncretism in the US: survey

The Christian Post reports: “Only 6% of Christians have a biblical worldview as many Americans embrace syncretism, according to a new survey. 

The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University released a new batch of research from the American Worldview Inventory 2024.

‘Syncretism is the term used to describe a customized blend of philosophies of life that a person pieces together for their own satisfaction,’ the report explained. ‘Syncretism is the result of people relying upon their emotions to appropriate elements of various recognized worldviews toward creating an idiosyncratic, personally pleasing understanding of and response to reality.’

Adherence to syncretism has increased since 2021, when the Cultural Research Center found that 88% of American adults subscribed to the worldview…”

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