Abbas ‘Victory Speech’: Jerusalem ‘Eternal Capital of Palestine’

Israel National News reports: “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas promised someday the PA flag would fly over ‘Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.’

Thousands of people greeted Abbas rapturously upon his return from the United Nations, where the General Assembly granted the PLO, representing the PA, upgraded status as a nonmember observer state.

‘Raise your heads high, because you are Palestinians!’ Abbas told the joyous crowd, waving PA flags in the PA capital of Ramallah, located in Samaria.

‘You have proof that you are stronger than the occupation, because you are Palestinians… stronger than the settlements, because you are Palestinians.

‘We were threatened with punishment and sanctions from various sides,’ Abbas continued, in a reference to attempts by the United States and Israel to dissuade him from proceeding with the application.

‘And if we had listened to those threats we wouldn’t have gone to the U.N.

‘One day, a young Palestinian will raise the Palestinian flag over Jerusalem,’ he vowed, ‘the eternal capital of the state of Palestine!’…” (This blasphemous headline is 100% against God, Christ, the Spirit of God, and God’s Holy Word which dogmatically states 930 times that Jerusalem was given to God’s chosen people, the Jews, and the place where our Christ, the second member of the Holy Trinity will reign forever upon His return – Matthew 6:10; Psalm 2:6; Isaiah 59:20; Zechariah 2:10, 4:14; Luke 1:32, 33.)

West Bank cheers Mahmoud Abbas after UN vote

BBC News reports: “Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has returned to a hero’s welcome in the West Bank after his successful move to upgrade the Palestinians’ UN status.

‘Now we have a state,’ he told cheering supporters in Ramallah. ‘Palestine has accomplished a historic achievement.’

On Thursday [November 29, 2012] the United Nations General Assembly voted to recognise the Palestinians as an observer state.

In response Israel halted the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The decision, announced by the Israeli finance ministry, means 460m shekels ($120m; £75m) will be withheld in December.

The PA, which rules the West Bank, is heavily dependant on tax revenues Israel collects on its behalf.

A ministry spokesman told the BBC the money would instead be used to offset the PA’s debts, which include millions owed to Israel’s electricity company…” (The UN, the most diabolic organization ever, has no business making Palestine an observer state or any other manipulated state. The division of Israel as a two state move and then leading to taking Jerusalem away from Israel and giving this glorious capital to the Palestinians as President Obama has promised to do is abominable and leads to Armageddon – Joel 3:2; Revelation 16:16.)

Iran: UN Decision ‘Proves Zionist Regime Illegitimate’

Israel National News reports: “A senior Iranian official welcomed the upgraded status of the Palestinian Authority at the United Nations, calling it a ‘positive step.’

The UN General Assembly vote to make the PA a non-member observer state was ‘a positive and forward step and proves that the Zionist regime is illegitimate,’ Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said.

Iran ‘considers this move to be a preliminary step in the path of Palestinians having full sovereignty over their historical lands which were seized,’ Abdollahian said, according to the Arabic-language Al-Alam television station.

The resolution, which was approved by a vote of 138 to 9, with 41 abstentions, has granted the Palestinian Authority de facto status as a sovereign state based on its own territorial claims, thus enabling it to circumvent final status negotiations with Israel.

Israeli ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor condemned the resolution, saying it was ‘so one-sided it doesn’t advance peace, it pushes it backward.’

‘The world waits for President Abbas to speak the truth that peace can only be achieved through negotiations by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state,’ Proseer said. ‘It waits for him to tell them that peace must also address Israel’s security needs and end the conflict once and for all.’

‘As long as President Abbas prefers symbolism over reality, as long as he prefers to travel to New York for UN resolutions, rather than travel to Jerusalem for genuine dialogue, any hope of peace will be out of reach,’ said Prosor…” (I Chronicles answers the stupidity of the above headline. The Biblical text states “Satan stood up against Israel and Genesis 12:3 will be meted out to every tyrant who stands against God’s chosen people – “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee…” See the next two reports in light of the above biblical warnings.)

Speaker Congratulates Palestinian Leaders on Victory over Israel

The Fars News Agency reports: “Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, in two separate messages to his Palestinian counterpart Abdul Aziz al-Duwaik and Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, felicitated the Palestinian nation’s glorious victory over the Zionist regime of Israel.

‘The defeat of Zionist regime in the 8-day war proved the fact that resistance is the only way to stop Zionist aggressions,’ Larijani said.

He pointed to the regional revolutions in which pro-western regional dictators have been ousted and noted, ‘Today, the regional powers decide about the regional issues; resistance movement victories would continue by united position of all Palestinian groups against their joint enemy and their faith in god’s support and jihadist efforts.’…”

Jordanian King to Visit Ramallah to Help PA ‘Establish State’

Israel National News reports: “Jordan’s King Abdullah is set to arrive in Ramallah on Thursday [December 6, 2012] on the first visit of an Arab leader to the area since the Palestinian Authority was granted UN recognition as a non-member observer state.

‘King Abdullah will visit the state of Palestine the day after tomorrow, on Thursday, in the first visit by a top official to the Palestinian state after we received UN recognition,’ Nimr Hammad, political adviser to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmud Abbas, told AFP on Tuesday [December 4, 2012].

‘The visit will confirm Jordanian efforts and support for the Palestinian people and their leadership,’ Hammad added after assuming the status of ‘statehood’ that the UN did not officially grant.

Jordanian officials refused to confirm that the visit would take place on Thursday.

‘No date has been set,’ a top government official in Amman told AFP following the announcement.

Earlier, another senior Jordanian government official confirmed that the monarch was planning a trip to the PA, without specifying the date.

‘The king will go to Ramallah soon and meet with Abbas there,’ he told AFP on condition of anonymity.

‘The visit seeks to reiterate Jordan’s support for the Palestinians, build on their historic achievement at the United Nations and help them establish an independent state,’ he added…”