Palestinian official: Hitler had ‘obvious reasons’ for Holocaust

Jewish News Syndicate reports: “Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had ‘obvious reasons’ for ordering the extermination of European Jewry in the Holocaust, as Jews ‘planned to take control of Germany,’ a Palestinian official stated last month, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Yasser Abu Sido, an official in P.A. chief Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction, told Egyptian TV on Feb. 23 that ‘several European, American and Arab officials have said that an Israeli attack against the Palestinians in Rafah would constitute a no lesser crime than the Holocaust.’

‘I am not a fan of Hitler, but when Hitler perpetrated the Holocaust, he had obvious reasons,’ Abu Sido then stated.

‘They [the Jews] started to bring down Germany in terms of the economy and moral values. Hitler reacted by making the Jews go on the streets and lick the sidewalks. They know this very well,’ he continued.

In addition, the Jewish people ‘distorted many verses in the Torah in order to make them more agreeable for them,’ he continued.

‘I do not want to cite examples because some people might consider me an antisemite, although it is us Arabs who are Semites, not them,’ the Palestinian official added…”

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