Six powers clinch breakthrough deal curbing Iran’s nuclear activity

Reuters reports: “Iran and six world powers clinched a deal on Sunday [11/24/13] curbing the Iranian nuclear programme in exchange for initial sanctions relief, signalling the start of a game-changing rapprochement that would reduce the risk of a wider Middle East war.

Aimed at easing a long festering standoff, the interim pact between Iran and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia won the critical endorsement of Iranian clerical Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

U.S. President Barack Obama said the deal struck after marathon, tortuous and politically charged negotiations cut off Tehran’s possible routes to a nuclear bomb.

But Israel, Iran’s arch-enemy a U.S. ally, denounced the agreement as an ‘historic mistake’. Critics in the U.S. Congress were quick to voice concern, with some raising the spectre of failure to rein in North Korea on its nuclear programmes, but they signalled that Congress would likely give the deal a chance to work.

The agreement, which halts Iran’s most sensitive nuclear activity, its higher-grade enrichment of uranium, was tailored as a package of confidence-building steps towards reducing decades of tension and ultimately creating a more stable, secure Middle East…” (President Obama gave the above deal only a 50% chance of happening. I give it a zero. Why? First and foremost, Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 picture Russia as the leader of the Armageddon conflict, World War III. Secondly, China and an Arab federation join Russia for the greatest war in history – Revelation 16:12 and Revelation 9:14 – 18. The Arab nations united with these two nations are found in Daniel 11:40; Isaiah 17:1; Ezekiel 38:5 – 7; and Psalms 83:4-7. Israel is their enemy mentioned 18 times in Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39. Worse yet is that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to destroy Israel and drive every Jew into the sea to rid the world of God’s Chosen People.)



Dershowitz: Iran Deal Could Be a ‘Chamberlain Moment’

Breitbart.com reports: “Harvard professor and noted civil rights and international law expert Alan Dershowitz criticized the nuclear deal with Iran sharply on Sunday [11/24/13], saying that it ‘could become a Chamberlain moment’ for President Barack Obama.

‘I don’t think that this deal was motivated by any anti-Israel sentiment,’ Dershowitz told Breitbart News. ‘I think that both President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry believe that the deal is in the best interest of the U.S. and Israel. But I think they’re dead wrong.

‘When you do a risk-benefit analysis, the possibility that this will actually result in ending Iran’s nuclear weapons program is probably in the range of 10%, and the risk that it will increase their likelihood of moving quickly toward developing a nuclear weapon is in the 20% to 30% range. The rest is uncertainty.

‘I think it was a very bad example of negotiating from weakness rather than strength. The U.S. had Iran where we wanted them, in a much weakened position. And instead of continuing the pressure we sent three messages. 1. Sanctions are over. We are going to eliminate some now–it’s only a few billion dollars’ worth, but we are going to send a message to China and others that have been dying to do business with Iran that it’s OK. And we will never get them back to that point of pressure. 2. I think we effectively took the military option off the table and made it much more difficult for Israel to pursue a military option in the next several months. 3. We gave them a yellow light, at least, if not quite a green one, as to continuing onto certain aspects of developing nuclear weapons–triggering devices and material that could be easily transposed to military use…” (Dershowitz is 100% right. Chamberlain of England went to Germany to negotiate a peace pact for England. He returned telling the citizens that Hitler was a man the UK could trust. He saw the love Germany’s Fuhrer had for the British people so he promoted the peace agreement he brought back throughout the nation. Winston Churchill rebuked Chamberlain and lived to see his beloved country repeatedly and mercilessly bombed. Chamberlain asked for forgiveness before he died. Beware Obama; you seldom take anyone’s advice. See the next four reports.)



Prime Minister Netanyahu: Iran Agreement a ‘Historic Mistake’

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened Sunday’s [11/24/13] weekly cabinet meeting by mounting a sharp attack on the agreement reached Saturday night between Iran and Western powers over the nuclear issue.

Netanyahu stated, ‘For the first time, the world’s leading powers have agreed to uranium enrichment in Iran while ignoring the UN Security Council decisions that they themselves led. Sanctions that required many years to put in place contain the best chance for a peaceful solution. These sanctions have been given up in exchange for cosmetic Iranian concessions that can be cancelled in weeks.’

‘Implications of this agreement threaten many countries – including, of course, Israel. Israel is not bound by this agreement,’ Netanyahu affirmed. ‘What we achieved last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement; it is a historic mistake.’

He continued, ‘Today the world has become a more dangerous place, because the most dangerous regime in the world took another step towards achieving the most dangerous weapon in the world.’…”


Rouhani: Deal ‘Shook the Foundations’ of the Sanctions

Israel National News reports: “The Twitter account of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani worked overtime on Tuesday [11/26/13], as he claimed victory in this weekend’s nuclear deal in a series of tweets marking the 100th day of his presidency.

Rouhani called the Geneva deal a ‘very positive first step’ and said it ‘shook the foundations’ of the international sanctions regime, reported The Hill.

He vowed that a final deal will allow Iran to continue nuclear enrichment, writing, ‘In relation to nuclear issue, I want to assure our people’ that Iran won’t give up any of its rights – including the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.

‘Enrichment, which is part of our rights, will continue. It continues today and will continue tomorrow,’ he declared, according to The Hill.

Rouhani went on to say that the interim deal agreed to over the weekend sets the stage for a final agreement granting Iran the right to enrich uranium on its soil…” (President Rouhani is no better than the second Hitler, Ahmadinejad, only more clever in his murderous statements.

Remember this is the man who served Khomeini who returned from exile in France, removed the great Shah of Iran, and is responsible for much of the massive killing army Muslims presently called the Arab Spring.

The present Imam Khamenei has the same goals as Khomeini for holy jihad and the domination of the entire world including the setting up of the Irania falg in from of the White House.

Rouhani served both Imam’s and presently and hypocritically plans a nuclear plan that will fail and all hell will break loose globally.

Remember, Ezekiel 38:5 has Persia united with Russia and China for World War III and Persia changed its name to Iran in 1935.)


Iran: ‘After Ten Years, We Have Emerged Victorious’

Israel National News reports: “The deal signed between Iran and the ‘P5+1’ nations was a victory for the Islamic Republic, the Chairman of Iran’s Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy has said.

Chairman Alaeddin Boroujerdi rejoiced in the Iranian ‘victory’ in an interview with Iran’s Arabic-language Al-Alam television this week. The interview was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

‘By now, the Islamic Republic controls all aspects of nuclear science. From A-Z, from the very beginning all the way to uranium enrichment,’ Boroujerdi declared.

‘After ten years, we have emerged victorious over the west. They wanted to prevent us from acquiring nuclear technology, but we have reached that point,’ he continued.

Iran sacrificed ‘martyrs’ and endured an ‘economic siege’ for the sake of its nuclear program, he said. ‘Now we have emerged victorious heroes,’ he stated.

The deal shows that the West has given up on stopping Iran from producing enriched uranium, he continued. ‘The Americans reached the conclusion that it would be futile to continue with their policy of confronting the Islamic Republic… They wanted to prevent Iran from enriching uranium, but we have attained this technology and we are currently using it.

‘Therefore, the Americans changed their policy,’ he said. The West has now officially recognized that Iran enriches uranium, he explained…”


Assad to Rouhani: Iran nuclear deal boosts Tehran’s position in region, world

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Syrian President Bashar Assad called his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday [11/27/13], congratulating him on the interim agreement Tehran signed with the West over the weekend in regard to its nuclear program.

According to Syria’s official news agency, SANA, Assad hailed Rouhani’s achievement as enshrining the rights of developing countries to pursue peaceful nuclear energy. He added that the deal boosts Iran’s position both in the region and internationally.

Assad posited that the agreement would also positively affect Syria because of the close strategic ties between Damascus and Tehran.

According to SANA, Rouhani reaffirmed to Assad his support in Syria’s ‘war against terrorism.’…”