Plagues and Pestilences

Dangerous TB spreading at alarming rate in Europe

Reuters reports: “Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) are spreading at an alarming rate in Europe and will kill thousands unless health authorities halt the pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said.

Launching a new regional plan to find, diagnose and treat cases of the airborne infectious disease more effectively, the WHO’s European director warned that complacency had allowed a resurgence of TB and failure to tackle it now would mean huge human and economic costs in the future.

‘TB is an old disease that never went away, and now it is evolving with a vengeance,’ said Zsuzsanna Jakab, the WHO’s Regional Director for Europe.

‘The numbers are scary,’ Lucica Ditiu, executive secretary of the Stop TB Partnership told a news conference in London. ‘This is a very dramatic situation.’…” (Our Lord Jesus predicted that pestilences would inundate the world just preceding His return – Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8. John in Revelation 6:7, 8 also mentions that this pestilential plague will bring devastation and death to 25% of the world.)

Somalia famine: UN warns of 750,000 deaths

BBC News reports: “As many as 750,000 people could die as Somalia’s drought worsens in the coming months, the UN has warned, declaring a famine in a new area.

The UN says tens of thousands of people have died after what is said to be East Africa’s worst drought for 60 years.

Bay becomes the sixth area to be officially declared a famine zone – mostly in parts of southern Somalia controlled by the Islamist al-Shabab.

Some 12 million people across the region need food aid, the UN says.

The situation in the Bay region was worse than anything previously recorded, said senior UN’s technical adviser Grainne Moloney.

‘The rate of malnutrition [among children] in Bay region is 58%. This is a record rate of acute malnutrition,’ she told journalists in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

This is almost double the rate at which a famine is declared.

‘In total, 4 million people are in crisis in Somalia, with 750,000 people at risk of death in the coming four months in the absence of adequate response,’ the UN’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) says.

Half of those who have already died are children, it says.

Neighbouring Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda have also been affected by the severe lack of rain…” (This sad story of a possible 750,000 deaths in Somalia because of starvation is only half of the story. The other half is that Islamic terrorists are holding back food supplies and allowing their Muslim brothers to die unless they get their financial cut. Jesus taught love – John 13:35; Luke 19:19; Luke 6:27 & 28.)