Prime Minister’s Office responds: Hamas, not Netanyahu, torpedoed hostage deal talks

Israel National News reports: “The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday responded to claims by Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk and an anonymous Israeli official, who alleged that Netanyahu is responsible for the impasse in talks for a ceasefire-prisoner swap deal.

In a statement, the PM’s Office stressed: ‘The claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu, and not Hamas, torpedoed the hostage release deal is a complete lie and intentionally misleading to the public.’

‘The truth is the exact opposite: Hamas are the ones who torpedo every deal, by refusing to budge a millimeter from its extreme demands that any Israeli government in Israel would be unable to accept – first and foremost, that Israel completely withdraw from Gaza and end the war – something which will allow Hamas to renew its military control of Gaza and reorganize for the next October 7ths, as it promised to do.’

Earlier, Abu Marzouk and an unnamed Israeli official claimed to The New York Times that Netanyahu was at fault for the impasse and lack of progress…”

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