Putin says Russian nuclear weapons ‘more advanced’ than in US

SpaceWar.com reports: “President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday lauded Moscow’s nuclear arsenal and warned that he was ready to deploy the weapons if Russia’s sovereignty was threatened.

The Kremlin has touted its nuclear prowess throughout its two-year offensive in Ukraine, last month warning Western countries that there was a ‘real’ risk of nuclear catastrophe if they escalated the conflict.

Putin’s browbeating rhetoric comes just days ahead of elections in Russia that are all but guaranteed to hand him another six years in power and as his military posts gains in Ukraine.

‘Our triad, the nuclear triad, it is more modern than any other triad. Only we and the Americans actually have such triads. And we have advanced much more here,’ Putin said in a wide-ranging interview with state media.

‘We are ready to use weapons, including any weapons — including the weapons you mentioned — if it is a question of the existence of the Russian state or damage to our sovereignty and independence,’ Putin added in the interview that aired on Wednesday…”

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