Antichrist desire of women

In Daniel 11:37 it speaks of the Antichrist, saying that he will not “regard the desire of women”. Some scholars have suggested this to mean that the Antichrist will not engage in the normal physical desires which a man has for a woman. This idea, however, does not fit the context. More in line is the thought that this is a specific urge or craving the women of Israel had to become the mother of the Messiah, fulfilling Micah 5:2 and Isaiah 9:6-7. Therefore, because the Antichrist hates God–and hates Christ–he has no regard for the Savior, the desire of women for centuries to bear and deliver the Messiah. The Antichrist will hate Jesus so much, and become so violently opposed to everything for which He stands, that he not only refuses to bow down and worship the Saviour, but also executes those who do (Revelation 13:15: 20:4).