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When the Antichrist comes to power will we still be here, or will we be called up with the Lord?

Terri Monroe
San Manteo, FL

When Jesus Christ returns for His own, He will take all of those who have accepted Him as their Saviour to heaven with Him. This will trigger the Tribulation hour’s beginning on earth. During this period, the Antichrist will require that people take the “mark of the beast” or his number, 666. They will not be able to buy or sell without this number. This is not in effect now and will not be for those that know Christ as personal Saviour. This is so because the believer is “raptured” in Revelation 4:1, then the Antichrist comes to power Revelation 6:1,2 and then midway through the Tribulation period begins the usage of his “666” identification system. During the Tribulation, the Antichrist will also have a false prophet who will be the religious leader of that period. He will be in charge of the World Church, which will be against Christ.

Can a person that has sinned more than once be forgiven if they truly regret their past and turn to God?

A. R
Irvine, KY

Condemnation, guilt and often bouts of depression are the consequences of sin. However, no matter the depth of our sins God still forgives.

It is important to realize that even after we become new creatures in Christ we still must face up to the consequences and results of our past sins. In doing so we can rejoice that not only are we forgiven and cleansed (I John 1:9) but we also are given the promise of God's strength, peace and provision as we depend on Him.