Who was Cain’s wife?

The question that you have posed is not a new one.  It has been asked by many people for a great number of years.  There does appear to be a contradiction, although upon closer observation one can readily see the answer.

We must read carefully what Genesis 4:16, 17 actually says.  The Bible says that Cain knew his wife.  It does not at any point show that Cain became acquainted with his wife in the land of Nod.  It does show by using the Biblical word “knew” as found in Genesis 4:1, Judges 11:39, I Samuel 1:19 and Matthew 1:25 that Cain was acquainted with his wife prior to moving to the land of Nod.  The term “knew” has the connotation of procreation of the race and not merely an “acquaintance with.”

Who was Cain’s wife? It is obvious that she was one of the many sons and daughters that Adam and Eve were blessed with in Adam’s long life of 930 years.  This was a necessity at the time and should not be misconstrued as to endorse incestuous marriage or relationships.