Report says IDF brass backing truce even if it leaves Hamas in power; PM: Won’t happen

The Times of Israel reports: “Israel’s military leadership wants to see a ceasefire in Gaza, even if it leaves the Hamas terror group ruling the Strip, The New York Times reported on Monday, citing six current and former security officials. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly responded that this was not an option.

The generals were said to believe that a permanent ceasefire is the best way to free remaining Hamas-held hostages. They also reportedly said that the Israel Defense Forces needs to restock ahead of an expected wider conflict with Hezbollah, as diplomatic efforts have so far failed to allay fears of a potential war in Lebanon.

The New York Times did not indicate to what extent generals have pushed the position before Netanyahu, who has repeatedly promised to keep fighting until ‘total victory.’ The premier has also said that Israel is running low on munitions, alleging that the White House is withholding arms from the country.

The Times’ report was the latest indication of a rift between Netanyahu and the military’s top brass regarding the war against Hamas, which was sparked by the Palestinian terror group’s October 7 massacre, in which 1,200 were killed in Israel and 251 were kidnapped, 116 of whom remain captive.

In a statement, Netanyahu blasted the ‘anonymous sources’ who spoke to the US outlet…”

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