Voice of America News reports: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned the opposition to distance itself from the Islamic Republic’s Western enemies…

Amid growing signs of a rift within his regime, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei insisted that ‘arrogant and unjust’ foreign powers will not succeed in shaking the unity of the Islamic Republic.

The ayatollah spoke to a gathering of officials who are organizing festivities for the anniversary of the revolution.

In the past, the opposition has used such occasions to revive their protests.

Government officials have portrayed the huge opposition protests that erupted after the June election as a foreign-backed bid to undermine the clerical leadership.

Many Iran analysts argue that the country’s top leaders, in the face of popular opposition and discontent, are increasingly at odds with each other.

Iran analyst Gary Sick says that discord among Iran’s leaders is nothing new, but that he thinks it has gotten worse in the wake of Iran’s disputed June presidential election:

‘There have always been rivalries and disputes within the top leadership of the Islamic Republic,’ he said. ‘That is not anything new. It’s been going on for some time, since the [1979 Islamic] revolution. But I do believe that those rifts and differences have become deeper and far more public today than I have ever seen them in the last 31 years of the revolution.’…” (Iran will eventually be destroyed by Yahweh God when she along with Russia and an Arab federation march unitedly against Israel. Then God in Ezekiel 39 vs. 1 and 2 destroys five sixths of the invading armies within Russia’s alliance. The devastation is so great that it takes seven months just to bury the fallen troops of Israel’s enemies including Iran.)


Haaretz reports: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said Sunday that Western support of Israel was ineffective, telling a top Palestinian militant leader that its obliteration was imminent according to the will of God.

‘Today Palestine is the symbol of life, determination, faithfulness, diligence, and dignity,’ Ayatollah Khamenei told Ramadan Abdullah, the secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.

He praised the Palestinian resistance movement and declared that it had proven itself stronger despite the military superiority of the Israel Defense Forces.

In his comments, Khameini joined a long list of top Iranian officials, especially President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who have said on several occasions in the past that Israel should be destroyed.

Last year Ahmadinejad said that Israel was ‘dying’ and that people in the Middle East would destroy it if given the chance and stressed that opposition to Israel is a fundamental principle in Shi’ite Muslim Iran.

‘They should know that regional nations hate this fake and criminal regime and if the smallest and briefest chance is given to regional nations they will destroy [it],’ said Ahmadinejad, who often rails against Israel and the United States.

A 2005 statement by Ahmadinejad saying that ‘Israel should be wiped off the map’ outraged the international community…” (The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei boasts about what his god will do, but the Judeo-Christian God, Yahweh, will come to the aid of Israel and all Ahmadinejad’s boasting will become nonsensical prattle. Our God says “…I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.“)


Haaretz reports: “Iran plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities during the next Iranian year; its atomic energy chief was quoted as saying, in comments likely to further raise tension with the West.

The statement by Ali Akbar Salehi came after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad earlier in the day instructed Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization to start work on producing higher-grade nuclear fuel for a Tehran reactor.

Iran’s announcement raised the stakes in its dispute with the West, but Ahmadinejad said talks were still possible on a nuclear swap offer by world powers designed to allay fears the Islamic Republic is making an atomic bomb.

Salehi, who heads the Atomic Energy Organization, also said Iran would start producing uranium enriched to a level of 20 percent on in the presence of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He said Iran will formally inform the Vienna-based United Nations agency about the move in a letter, Iran’s Arabic-language television station al Alam reported. He earlier said production would take place at Iran’s Natanz site.

But Salehi also suggested production would be halted if Iran received fuel enriched to 20 percent from abroad. Iran has expressed readiness to exchange its low-enriched uranium for higher-grade fuel, but wants amendments to the UN-drafted plan.

‘Iran would halt its enrichment process for the Tehran research reactor any time it receives the necessary fuel for it,’ Salehi said…” (God help and bless America and Israel if the Iranian Hitler ever is victorious in creating a nuclear weapon which he will allow Hezbollah and Hamas to have, and use against America, Israel, and the European Union.)


Haaretz reports: “Iran accused the United States of launching a ‘psychological war’ in the Gulf region by presenting Tehran as a threat to Gulf Arab states to convince them they needed U.S. protection.

U.S. officials said the United States had expanded land-and sea-based missile defense systems in and around the Gulf – a waterway crucial for global oil supplies – to counter what it sees as Iran’s growing missile threat.

The U.S. deployments include expanded land-based Patriot defensive missile installations in Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

‘They don’t want to see good and growing relations between Iran and its neighbors in the Persian Gulf and thus started a psychological war,’ Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, the chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, was quoted as saying on semi-official news agency ILNA.

Iran’s top military official also played down the threat to the Islamic republic from Patriot missiles. ‘It is not new for us … we were informed when they were installed, including about their exact locations … Patriot missile could be easily deactivated by using simple tactics.’

A foreign ministry official said earlier Washington was trying to stoke ‘Iran phobia’ in the Middle East and said Tehran enjoyed friendly ties with neighboring states…” (The Gulf Nations mentioned in this report mistrust Iran’s leaders and rightfully so. They have all pleaded with America to help them arm themselves against Iran. If the question arises as to how Islamic brothers can kill one another in the name of their god Allah, Iraq’s Sunni and Shia’s who have slaughtered 85,000 of their own brothers within the Islamic faith proves the facts as to what could occur in the Gulf Nations.)