Guarding Space: Russia Creates a New Branch of the Armed Forces


August 4, 2015SpaceDaily.com reports: “Russia has created a new branch of its armed forces by merging the nation’s air force, air defense, anti-missile and space forces into the Aerospace Forces; their first combat duty started on August 1. Russia has added a new branch to its armed forces – the Aerospace Force.

The newly created branch has merged the country’s air force, air defense, anti-missile and space forces under one command, according to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

‘The creation of the Aerospace Forces by merging the air force and aerospace defense force is the optimal way of improving the system of the nation’s aerospace defense,’ Shoigu said at a teleconference on Monday.

He added that the creation of the new branch was prompted by a shift in the center of gravity of modern warfare activity into aerospace…” (Russia’s movements are going to fulfill the following texts: Ezekiel 38:1 – 5; 8, 16; 39:1, 2, 5, 6, and 16. See the next report.)


 Russia Will Knock Out U.S. Missile Shield Installations If Attacked


July 23, 2015SpaceDaily.com reports: “If attacked, Russia will respond with retaliatory strikes at US missile defense installations wherever they may be in the world, Russia’s former Strategic Missile Forces’ commander warned on Tuesday.

‘Any military facility of the US global missile shield will become a primary target of a Russian counterattack in the event of a military aggression against this country,’ Viktor Yesin told RIA Novosti news agency.

The deployment of US missile defenses in Europe under the pretext of protecting America’s European allies against an imaginary missile attack by Iran has been a major irritant in US-Russia relations…”

 China Accuses U.S. of Militarizing South China Sea


July 31, 2015Voice of America News reports: “China’s Defense Ministry Thursday accused the United States of ‘militarizing’ the South China Sea by staging patrols and joint military drills there, leading to raised tensions in the disputed region.

China Defense spokesman Yang Yujun said Beijing has been angered by U.S. Navy and Air Force forays through waters it claims as its own, strengthened military alliances with the Philippines and others, and frequent military exercises in the region.

Yang said the actions are creating risks of incidents in the air and at sea.

’The Chinese side expresses its serious concern over U.S. activities to militarize the South China Sea region,’ he said. ‘Such actions taken by the U.S. side would inevitably arouse suspicion from others that, does the U.S. want nothing better than chaos in the region?’…” (Daniel 11:44, and 45; Revelation 16:12. Armageddon — Revelation 16:12; Russia, China, and Iran fulfill the devastation of this battle — Revelation 9:16 – 18. See the next two reports.)

 China tests new carrier rocket


July 31, 2015SpaceDaily.com reports: “Chinese scientists on Friday successfully tested the power system of a Long March-5 carrier rocket scheduled for flight in 2016.

Development of the rocket, the fifth-generation launch vehicle of the Long March family, has entered a ‘runoff’ phase, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

The rocket will have a payload capacity of 25 tonnes to low Earth orbits, or 14 tonnes to geostationary transfer orbit, about twice the current capacity. The would-be capacity will be equivalent to that of mainstream carrier rockets now in use around the world.

The rocket will serve the final chapter of China’s three-step — orbiting, landing and returning — lunar program and the building of manned space stations…”

 China Pushes Forward Hypersonic Missile Tests


July 20, 2015Voice of America News reports: “China has conducted four hypersonic weapons tests in just 18 months, a sign of its continued efforts to make advanced weapons.

Hypersonic weapon delivery vehicles can reach supersonic speeds more than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5 and above).

China confirmed conducting test flights of the new hypersonic missile delivery vehicles, most recently on June 9, but Beijing insisted that the testing of these vehicles, capable of delivering nuclear warheads with record breaking speed, is ‘purely scientific and not targeted at any country.’

The United States, Russia and India also have been developing hypersonic vehicles intended to counter hostile missile and space defenses and developed for precise targeting and rapid delivery of weapons…”