Russian Surveillance Aircraft Spotted Near Alaskan Air Space

August 12, 2022Voice of America News reports: “The U.S. military says Russian military surveillance aircraft entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone on two separate occasions over the past two days.

U.S. F-22 fighter jets intercepted the second aircraft upon entering the airspace, a defense official told VOA. Both entries involved the same type of Russian surveillance aircraft, the official added.

An Air Defense Identification Zone extends beyond a country’s airspace to include an area in which a country tries to identify, locate and control aircraft in the interest of national security.

The Russian aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace, according to social media posts by North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, on Wednesday.

‘We remain ready to employ a number of response options in defense of North America and Arctic sovereignty,’ the post added…”  (Russia preparing to fulfill Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 8, 16; Joel 2:3, 20, 30 for the Armageddon campaign – Revelation 16:16 – which will be fought against America, the EU and the entire Western World. Islamic armies will align themselves with Russia and China for holy jihad – holy war – Ezekiel 38:13; Daniel 11:40; Isaiah 17:1; Ezekiel 38:5-7; Psalm 83: 4 – 7.  See the next report.)

Nuclear drill in Ukraine ‘to prepare for all scenarios’

August 18, 2022SpaceWar.com reports: “Ukraine must ‘prepare for all scenarios’ linked to a Russian-occupied nuclear plant, the interior minister has said during a drill for emergency workers in the nearby city of Zaporizhzhia.

Moscow and Kyiv have accused each other of shelling the Zaporizhzhia plant, the biggest atomic power station in Europe, which has been under Russian control since March.

The tensions around the facility have sparked fears of another nuclear disaster in Europe like the one in Chernobyl in then Soviet Ukraine in 1986.

‘Nobody could have predicted that Russian troops would be firing on nuclear reactors with tanks. It is incredible,’ Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky said in the Ukrainian-held city of Zaporizhzhia, 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the plant.

After watching a nuclear accident drill on Wednesday, he said Ukraine should be prepared since ‘as long as the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is controlled by Russia, there are major risks’…”

Russia vows to expand relations with North Korea

August 15, 2022BBC.com reports: “Russia has vowed to ‘expand [its] comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations’ with North Korea, said its President Vladimir Putin.

In a letter sent to his counterpart Kim Jong un on Pyongyang’s liberation day, Mr. Putin said the move would be in both countries’ interests.

In turn, Mr. Kim said friendship between both nations had been forged in World War II with victory over Japan.

He added that their ‘comradely friendship’ would grow stronger.

According to a report by North Korean state media outlet KCNA, Mr. Putin said the expanded bilateral relations would ‘conform with the interests of the two countries’…”  (Russia in Bible prophecy is the main instigator of death and suffering during Armageddon and the Kings of the East [China, North Korea, etc.] will become basic partners with them for the rapidly approaching battle of Armageddon – Revelation 16:16. Russia will lead invasion number one – Ezekiel 38 & 39. China will lead invasion number two – Revelation 16:12; Revelation 9:14 – 16. Then all nations will come against Jerusalem for the final invasion at which point Jesus will return to stop the bloodshed and set up his eternal kingdom upon earth – [He gathers] all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken… Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south – Zechariah 14:2 – 4. Then Psalm 2:6 occurs as God the Father says: …I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion [Jerusalem].)

North Korea rejects Seoul’s aid offer as ‘height of absurdity’

August 19, 2022SpaceWar.com reports: “The powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday rejected Seoul’s offer of economic assistance in return for denuclearisation steps, calling it the ‘height of absurdity’ and a deal Pyongyang would never accept.

The statement follows South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol this week putting forward an ‘audacious’ aid plan that would include food, energy and infrastructure help in return for the North abandoning its nuclear weapons programme.

Analysts previously said the chances of Pyongyang accepting such a deal — first floated during Yoon’s inaugural speech — were vanishingly slim, as the North, which invests an enormous chunk of its GDP into weapons programmes, has long made it clear it will not make that trade.

Kim Jong Un’s sister, Yo Jong, on Friday called Yoon’s offer the ‘height of absurdity’, claiming it was as realistic as creating ‘mulberry fields in the dark blue ocean’.

‘To think that the plan to barter ‘economic cooperation’ for our honor, (our) nukes, is the great dream, hope and plan of Yoon, we came to realize that he is really simple and still childish,’ she said in a statement carried by the official Korea Central News Agency…”  (Kim Jong-un, and now his sister, are following in the footsteps of their father Kim Jong-il and grandfather Kim il-sung in seeking nuclear weapons.  In 1993, President Bill Clinton spoke in South Korea and stated that if North Korea gained and used a nuclear weapon, the U.S. would quickly and overwhelming retaliate, and it would mean the end of their country as they know it.  President George W. Bush named North Korea as one of the three-part ‘axis of evil’ along with Iran and Iraq in 2002.  In 2014, President Barack Obama warned North Korea that the U.S. would not hesitate to use military might to defend our allies against this ‘pariah state’.  And in August 2017, President Donald Trump stated: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.  They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”  It is believed that North Korea developed nuclear weapons in 2004.) 

Chinese fighter jets and warships crossed median line, says Taiwan

August 5, 2022SinoDaily.com reports: “Taipei’s military said Chinese fighter jets and ships crossed the median line that runs down the Taiwan Strait on Friday, calling Beijing’s latest military drills ‘highly provocative’.

‘As of 11am, multiple batches of Chinese warplanes and warships conducted exercises around the Taiwan Strait and crossed the median line of the strait,’ the defence ministry said in a statement.

‘This Chinese military exercise, whether it be the launch of ballistic missiles or the deliberate crossing of the median line of the strait, is a highly provocative act.’

The median line is an unofficial but once largely adhered-to border that runs down the middle of the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan and China.

China has been holding huge drills encircling Taiwan since Thursday to protest this week’s visit to the island by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It was previously rare for military jets and ships to cross the median line, although Chinese incursions have become more common after Beijing declared in 2020 that the unofficial border no longer existed…”  (China is prophesied to be a top contender and bloody warrior during the battle of Armageddon – Revelation 16:16. Revelation 16:12 pictures Kings coming to the Middle East, primarily China, to slay a third-part of mankind in atomic warfare. Revelation 9:14 – 18 the Oriental nations from the East join with Russia – the leader from the North – Daniel 11:44 – for the most horrendous war in history.  See the next report.)

Chinese ship leaves Sri Lanka after riling India, US

August 23, 2022SpaceWar.com reports: “A Chinese research vessel accused by India and the United States of spying activities left Sri Lanka’s Chinese-run port of Hambantota on Monday after a week-long stay.

Colombo allowed the Yuan Wang 5 to visit the deep-sea port on the condition that it would not engage in research in Sri Lankan waters.

Both India and the US had raised security concerns over the ship’s visit to Sri Lanka, with New Delhi lodging a complaint — a move that delayed the visit by a week before Colombo announced a U-turn.

‘Our pilot is onboard and the ship is leaving port,’ a harbour official told AFP as the vessel was being guided out by tug boats…”

China warns it will not tolerate Taiwan ‘separatists’

August 10, 2022SinoDaily.com reports: “China on Wednesday vowed zero tolerance for ‘separatist activities’ in Taiwan and reaffirmed that it would take the self-ruled island by force if necessary.

The warning from Beijing, which considers Taiwan its territory, came after days of unprecedented Chinese military drills around the island sparked by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip.

Pelosi last week became the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan in decades despite stark threats from China, which tries to keep Taipei isolated on the world stage.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday issued a white paper laying out how it intends to claim the island through a range of economic incentives and military pressure.

‘We are ready to create vast space for peaceful reunification, but we will leave no room for separatist activities in any form,’ said the paper…”  (A March 19, 2021 article in The New York TimesTense Talks With China Left U.S. ‘Cleareyed’ About Beijing’s Intentions, Officials Say https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/19/world/asia/china-us-alaska.html states: “Just as Washington’s views on China have shifted after years of encouraging the country’s economic integration, so have Beijing’s perceptions of the United States and the privileged place in the world that it has long held. The Americans, in their view, no longer have an overwhelming reservoir of global influence, nor the power to wield it against China.

That has made China more confident in pursuing its aims openly and unabashedly — from human rights issues in Hong Kong and Xinjiang to territorial disputes with India and Japan and others in the South China Sea to, most contentiously of all, the fate of Taiwan, the self-governing democracy that China claims as its own.

While China still faces enormous challenges at home and around the world, its leaders now act as if history is on their side.”  See the next report.)

No threat could shake Taiwanese resolve to defend island

August 23, 2022SinoDaily.com reports: “President Tsai Ing-wen said Tuesday that Taiwanese people remained resolved to defend the island following China’s huge military drills.

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait have risen to their highest in years since Beijing staged unprecedented drills in retaliation for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this month.

Tsai made the remarks when meeting a visiting delegation of US scholars on the 64th anniversary of a Chinese artillery attack known as the ‘823 bombardment’.

‘That battle to protect our homeland showed the world that no threat of any kind could shake the Taiwanese people’s resolve to defend their nation — not in the past, not now, and not in the future,’ Tsai said.

China’s army fired 470,000 shells at Kinmen Islands and nearby islets in 1958, killing 618 people in an attack that lasted 44 days.

Taiwan lives under constant threat of an invasion by China, which claims the self-ruled democracy as part of its territory to be seized one day — by force if necessary…” 

Japan mulls long-range missile upgrades due to China threat

August 22, 2022SpaceWar.com reports: “Japan is considering the deployment of more than 1,000 long-range cruise missiles to increase its ability to counter growing regional threats from China, local newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Sunday.

The country plans to upgrade its existing surface-to-ship missiles to extend their range from 100 kilometres (62 miles) to about 1,000 kilometres (620 miles), which would be enough to reach Chinese coastal areas as well as North Korea, the newspaper reported, citing unnamed sources.

Upgrades would also need to be made to allow Japan’s existing ships and aircraft to be able to fire the new missiles, which could hit land-based targets, the newspaper reported.

The missiles would be deployed in and around the southwestern Kyushu region and on the small islands that dot Japan’s southwestern waters near Taiwan, Yomiuri reported…”  (China and North Korea are prophesied to be top contenders and bloody warriors during the battle of Armageddon – Revelation 16:16. Revelation 16:12 pictures Kings coming to the Middle East, primarily China and North Korea to slay a third-part of mankind in atomic warfare. Revelation 9:14 – 18 the Oriental nations from the East join with Russia – the leader from the North – Daniel 11:44 – for the most horrendous war in history. See the next report.)

More ‘Unsafe’ Encounters Between Australian and Chinese Forces Near Disputed South China Sea Region 

August 24, 2022Voice of America News reports: “Australia’s new Air Force Chief has said surveillance missions would continue in the South China Sea despite a ‘recent spate of unsafe incidences’ in the contested region.

In May, a Royal Australian Air Force surveillance plane was intercepted by a Chinese fighter jet in international air space claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea region.

At the time, officials in Canberra accused Beijing, Australia’s biggest trading partner, of intimidation.

Since then, bilateral ties have been strained in recent years over various geo-political, diplomatic and trade disputes.

And there have been other as-yet unspecified encounters with Chinese forces, according to Air Marshal Robert Chipman, who became the new chief of the Australian air force in July 2022…”