Russia deepening ties with global axis of evil – Israel charges at UN

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Russia is deepening its ties with global forces of destabilization, chiefly Iran, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, told the General Assembly on Monday. Erdan’s comments came ahead of the parley Moscow is holding this week with Palestinian factions, including Hamas.

‘This week, Russia will be hosting a Hamas delegation in Moscow! And not for the first time!’ Erdan told the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, which held a debate to mark two years to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. ‘Russia is one of the only places outside of the Middle East where Hamas terrorists and Houthi Jihadists are given the red-carpet treatment, even after October 7,’ Erdan said.

‘Russia is hosting those who are responsible for intentionally murdering babies, raping women, and burning families alive,’ Erdan stated. He also added that ‘this meeting in Moscow is a result of something more dangerous. Russia is now deepening its ties with global forces of destabilization.’

His words underscored the shift in Israeli policy regarding Moscow since the start of the war, a conflict for which Jerusalem had initially attempted to hold a neutral line and maintain strong ties with both Russia and Ukraine…”

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