Russia winning in Middle East: How Putin outmanoeuvred U.S. with foray into Syria

September 26, 2016 — The National Post reports: “When Russia launched a military intervention to support Syrian dictator Bashar Assad last year, U.S. President Barack Obama responded with wishful schadenfreude.

Russia, he predicted, would get ‘stuck in a quagmire.’ He added: ‘It won’t work.’

Obama had good reason to resent Russia’s increasingly assertive foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere, and to imagine it might backfire on its architect, President Vladimir Putin. The U.S. president clearly hoped an overstretched Russia would get its fingers burned in Syria and emerge chastened from its adventure in Middle East counter-insurgency.

That’s not what happened. Russia didn’t get stuck in a Syrian quagmire. It applied a limited amount of military force to great effect, reversing the tide of the civil war and ensuring Assad will not go unless Putin agrees. From Moscow’s perspective, the Kremlin’s intervention worked out just fine…”  (Russia – Ezekiel 38 and 39 and the Orient – China and North Korea – are all getting their nuclear weapons ready – Daniel 11:44.  Those out of the East – [the Orient] and out of the West [Russia] will trouble him [Syria – Isaiah 17:1].  The Rapture is near.  See the next five reports.)


Russia to Test New Missiles in Syria

September 20, 2016 — The Fars News Agency reports: “The Russian air force is preparing to try new weaponry and targeting systems, including the new X-38 missiles, with full combat tests of the hardware to be carried out as part of missions in Syria, a source said.

In November 2016, the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will be dispatched toward Syria’s shores, with the deck-based Su-33 and MiG-29K/KUB fighters and Ka-52K Katran helicopters on board.

According to an RBTH source in the Russian military-industrial complex, the carrier’s naval aircraft may test the new X-38 missiles in combat action at the end of the year.

‘We reinforce our aviation group and bring in completely new means of destruction to the region,’ said the RBTH source. ‘MiG-29K fighters will use a totally new type of missile, the X-38, to eliminate the militants’.

According to the RBTH source, Su-33 fighters, in turn, will receive the SVP-24, a new high-precision targeting system for unguided missiles.

The system allows to increase the accuracy of air strikes several times over and avoid possible civilian casualties.

The system adjusts the flight path based on the fighter’s position and flight parameters. As a result, the deviation from the target is not more than a couple of meters. At the same time, the SVP-24 is only a couple of extra units that will be installed as part of the aircraft’s avionics…”


North Korea hails ‘successful’ test of new rocket engine

September 20, 2016 — SpaceDaily.com reports: “North Korea has successfully tested a new, high-powered rocket engine, state media said Tuesday, a move Seoul said was designed to showcase its progress towards being able to target the US east coast.

The ground test comes less than two weeks after Pyongyang detonated what it said was a miniaturised atomic bomb.

Taken together, the two tests raise the prospect that the isolated state could be inching towards its ultimate goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could hit Washington DC.

State-run news agency KCNA trumpeted the engine test, which it said would give the country ‘sufficient carrier capability for launching various kinds of satellites’.

Rocket engines are easily re-purposed for use in missiles, and outside observers say that Pyongyang’s space programme is a fig leaf for weapons tests.


The North’s leader Kim Jong-Un hailed the test and called for more rocket launches to turn the country into a ‘possessor of geostationary satellites in a couple of years to come’, KCNA said…”


North Korea says nukes are defence against U.S. ‘blackmail’

September 12, 2016 — SpaceDaily.com reports: “North Korea Saturday sought to justify its weapons programme as a defence against US nuclear ‘blackmail’ as world powers debated ways to punish Pyongyang for its fifth and most powerful atomic test.

South Korea said the nuclear threat from its wayward neighbour was growing fast and called for tough new sanctions from the UN Security Council to force it to change tack.

The yield from Friday’s test, which sparked international shockwaves, was estimated at 10 kilotons — almost twice as much as the one Pyongyang conducted only eight months ago.

The North also boasted that the test was of a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on a missile.

‘It is believed that the North’s nuclear capability is becoming more advanced to a considerable level, and at a faster pace,’ Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se told senior ministry officials, calling for ‘more and stronger sanctions’…”

 Japan Scrambles Jets as China Sends 40 Warplanes into Shared Strait

September 27, 2016 — Breitbart.com reports: “The Chinese military conducted what it called a ‘routine’ control that sent Japanese jets scrambling Sunday over the East China Sea, with Japan warning that they are keeping an eye on the increasingly ‘expansive’ activities of China’s military assets.

China sent over 40 military aircraft, according to the AFP, over an area known as the Miyako Strait near southern Japan, not crossing into Japanese exclusive airspace but cutting close enough that the Japanese self-defense forces responded promptly. The area is near the East China Sea, where China claims the Japanese Senkaku Islands, an uninhabited but resource-rich area. Two of the known aircraft are believed to have been fighter jets. The

The area is near the East China Sea, where China claims the Japanese Senkaku Islands, an uninhabited but resource-rich area. Two of the known aircraft are believed to have been fighter jets. The Associated Press identifies the known aircraft passing through the region as ‘two fighter jets, four bombers and two reconnaissance aircraft.’

‘We will continue to keep close eyes on the Chinese military activities which have been expanding and become more frequent,’ Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, noting it was the first time the Japanese military had documented a Chinese presence in that area…”


The reality of human organ harvesting in China

 September 19, 2016 — News.com.au reports: “Imagine being abducted and whisked away to a cell where you spend the next several months or years without charge or conviction.

There, authorities torture you and force you to watch films designed to brainwash in a bid to align your views with those of China’s ruling Communist Party.

Every now and then you are dragged from your filthy, overcrowded cell into a room where, without warning, needles are jabbed into your arm and blood is drawn into as many vials as it can fill. Then prison authorities instruct a group of drug addicted criminals to use violence to restrain you as you are made to give a urine sample and subjected to invasive medical procedures.

No one responds to your screams or cries for help. No explanation is offered. The process is repeated regularly.

You might make it out alive after years of enduring the brutal treatment. Or you might be secretly executed.

There’s also a strong chance you might die on the operating table after surgeons sedate you and start removing organs from your body, one by one — while you’re still alive.

The government will say that you simply disappeared or that you were never there to begin with. But it’ll most likely say nothing at all…”