Devotional Set: Tender Touch

Is There Room in Your Heart for Him?

What a special time of the year! Thanksgiving and Christmas are more precious to me than any other holidays, and they so beautifully go hand in hand. More and more, I realize the importance of […]

I Remember Mother

I can’t even begin to imagine how Mary must have felt on the day the angel told her the Holy Spirit would come upon her and that she would become the mother of the Messiah. […]

The Purr-fect Blessing

For more than seventeen years, our cat, Fenica, was a great source of companionship and enjoyment to Jack and me. But after all those years, she finally succumbed to a fatal disease after suffering for […]

Let Me Cry!

I’ve been doing some crying, lately. Many times in the past several months, I’ve wept over the suffering and physical deterrioration of my beloved father-in-law, Oscar Van Impe. Seeing this dedicated, once-strong man of God […]

Is God Listening?

Some time ago I contracted a dangerous viral infection which threatened the sight of my left eye and produced severe discomfort and pain. Just as I was getting a little better, I came down with […]

“Just a Cup of Coffee, Please!”

The news media often calls attention to the large number of homeless and hungry people in our nation’s big cities. The scenes of people sleeping on benches, huddling in cardboard boxes, or looking through garbage […]

Right Where I Am!

You and I are missionaries. We really are — we have been called to share the gospel and help win lost and unsaved people to Christ on the mission fields of the earth. I can […]

Were You There?

One of my favorite songs often heard at Easter time is the beautiful old black spiritual, “Were You There?” The simple but haunting words of this great classic remind us of the suffering and sacrifice […]

Seeing America Without Rose-Colored Glasses

Not long ago Dr. Van Impe and I were having dinner in a little restaurant near our home. As we were eating, a friend of ours came in with her little granddaughter for their evening […]

The Tragic Problem of Child Abuse

My husband and I were recently in Israel. Almost everywhere we went, we saw children, running, playing, shouting. I thought that Jesus must have seen children, too, as He visited the places we did, and […]

Someone With Skin On

I suppose this story has been told in a variety of ways, but it illustrates so well the heart-cry of all mankind. As I heard it, a little boy woke up in the midst of […]

Give Me Your Hand

In my daily Bible reading, I’ve been noticing how much is mentioned about the hands of our Lord. Again and again the Gospels relate how He reached out to people in their need and hurt […]