Iranians prepare terror campaign inside U.S.

WND.com reports: “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is alive and well in the U.S. and the country’s law enforcement officials ignore them at their peril, according to former U. S. Air Force officer Steven O’Hern.

O’Hern says that the Revolutionary Guard, long an influential factor in the radical Islamic regime in Iran, does most of its surveillance and intelligence gathering through its proxy force, Hezbollah, considered by many to be a terror group.

‘In the United States, the Revolutionary Guard uses more than one approach. Hezbollah operatives and sympathizers are present in large numbers in many parts of the United States and actively conduct reconnaissance missions that develop information, photographs, and diagrams of federal buildings, and infrastructure targets,’ O’Hern said.

‘Those targets include such things as water utilities or electrical substations, and other potential targets to give the Guard the ability to quickly order a terrorist strike in our homeland,’ O’Hern said.

He explains that the Revolutionary Guard is working through Shi’a mosques around the United States as well as the nation’s Lebanese immigrant communities.

WND previously reported that a former Iranian official who has knowledge of Iran’s terror network estimated there are more than 40,000 of the regime’s security, intelligence and propaganda forces in the West, largely in friendly South American nations.

And WND has reported that Muslims are using mosques, including some in the United States, as terror command centers…” (Great persecution and slaughter may soon hit America and Canada. It was predicted by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:10 – 12 and John 15:18 – 20. The Apostle Paul predicted the ungodly assaults would come to believers because of a hatred for the cross of Christ – Galatians 6:12. John predicted it would be because of one’s love for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus – Revelation 6:9 and 20:4. See the next report.)

Top General Warns: African Al-Qaeda to ‘Export’ Violence to U.S.

Israel National News reports: “Top United States General Carter Ham urged a global fight against the Al-Qaeda terrorist group based in Africa saying it could ‘export violence’ to the West, AFP reported.

Ham, the head of the U.S. Africa Command, reaffirmed the suspicion that the Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was linked to the deadly September 11 attack on the American mission in Benghazi, which resulted in the murder of U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three others.

‘If we, the international community, don’t find a way to help the Africans address this threat, it’s going to worsen,’ he said.

‘That network will become stronger and they will gain capability to export violence throughout a broader region (other) than Africa and certainly the high potential to export violence into Europe and to the USA,’ he added.

Ham said while the network did not pose an ‘imminent threat’ on US soil, it did so for U.S. interests worldwide.

‘That network has already killed four Americans,’ he said, referring to the Benghazi bombing…”

Canada will burn praise Allah’: Vandals deface Toronto war memorial

The National Post reports: “Police are investigating after a war memorial was vandalized on Remembrance Day in Toronto.

The Victory Peace memorial in Coronation Park was defaced with the words ‘Canada will burn praise Allah’ written in what appeared to be black marker.

City workers were called in to clean the bronze memorial, built in the 1990s.

Someone walking through the park on Sunday noticed the vandalism and reported it to authorities.

Police say they don’t have any suspects at the moment.

The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations says it condemns the vandalism, calling it ‘senseless’ and ‘ignorant.’…” (The praise to Allah as vandals deface a memorial to Canadian young men who died to make mankind free is a disgrace. In other nations the Islamists blew up the tallest monuments of Buddha and are laying plans by Egypt’s Brotherhood to destroy the pyramids as a move against idols. How about the hundreds of mosques in Iraq and Bahrain where Shiites and Sunnis blew up one another’s worship centers to Allah because the differed denominationally. One can’t blame that on idolatry. I believe Psalm 14:4 pictures this crowd: “Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge?”)