Terrorist Threat

Osama bin Laden ‘behind plot to attack European cities’

The London Daily Telegraph reports: “Several months ago, bin Laden sent a directive to al-Qaeda affiliates and partners that he wanted a Mumbai-style attack on at least three European countries – the United Kingdom, Germany and France – the US National Public Radio said, citing intelligence officials.

Gunmen had planned to fire on crowds at busy European tourist sites and take over hotels in a plot that would mark a new style of attack for al-Qaeda, although details of the plans remain unclear for now. The United States may also have been in bin Laden’s sights.

‘We know that Osama bin Laden issued the directive,’ an unnamed official familiar with intelligence surrounding the plot said.

‘And if he issued the directive, we just don’t believe that the US wouldn’t be on his shortlist of strategic targets. It has to be.’

The public radio station said initial intelligence came from Ahmad Siddiqui, a German national currently held at the US-run Bagram Air Base in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Siddiqui is said to have known Mohamed Atta, one of the alleged hijackers in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and to have worshipped at the same mosque in Germany.

The plot is thought to have been inspired by al-Qaeda’s fugitive leadership in Pakistan’s lawless tribal regions, where a recent surge of US drone attacks sought to eliminate the plotters – and did kill some of them.

Intelligence officials said some of the operatives who had been due to participate in the shootings were already in Europe…” (One of the final signs before Christ returns is terrorism – Genesis 6:11; Matthew 24:37. “Be not afraid of their terror neither be troubled” – I Peter 3:14.)

Terrorists’ Goal is Three-Way Missile Attack on Tel Aviv

Israel National News reports: “IDF Intelligence chief General Amos Yadlin said that the ultimate goal held by anti-Israel terrorists is to attack Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan region from three fronts. Iran, Syria and Hizbullah hope for a chance to rain missiles on central Israel from three directions, he said.

‘Gush Dan is the main target that our enemies plan to fire missiles at,’ he said. Yadlin spoke at an event marking 100 years since the establishment of the first kibbutz.

Currently most rocket attacks are carried out by Gaza terrorists, and target southern Israel. Hamas hopes to gain the improved missile technology that would allow it to target central Israel as well, Yadlin said.

Hizbullah targeted Israeli cities with missiles during the Second Lebanon War, murdering dozens of people. The terrorist group, which has since joined Lebanon’s ruling coalition, was unable to carry out plans to target central Israel after IDF warplanes demolished its larger missiles in the first days of battle…” (The demonic trinity – Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, will be destroyed. Ezekiel 38:5 – Persia is modern Iran and along with Hizbullah is destroyed along with Russia in Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 12, and 13. Syria meets her waterloo in Isaiah 17:1.)

Britain facing a new wave of terrorist attacks, MI5 warns

The London Daily Telegraph reports: “Britain is facing a wave of terrorist attacks on two fronts from a new generation of al-Qaeda extremists and Irish Republican militants who could strike on the mainland, the head of MI5 Jonathan Evans warns.

In his first public speech on the national security threat for three years, Mr. Evans will say that his officers are engaged in an ‘intense struggle’ against Muslim radicals and Irish nationalists.

It is only ‘a matter of time’ before Britain is the victim of an attack from extremists based in Somalia, the director-general of the security service adds.

There has been a ‘persistent rise in terrorist activity and ambition’ in Northern Ireland over the past three years, says Mr. Evans. Terrorists in Ulster are using increasingly sophisticated weaponry to launch ‘reckless’ attacks that could kill civilians.

‘While at present the dissidents’ campaign is focused on Northern Ireland, we cannot exclude the possibility that they might seek to extend their attacks to Great Britain as violent Republican groups have traditionally done,’ he says.

Mr. Evans, who has briefed David Cameron and Nick Clegg on the threats, says there remains ‘a serious risk of a lethal attack taking place’.

‘I see no reason to believe that the position will significantly improve in the immediate future,’ he adds…” (Another attack by members of a so called peace loving religion. It’s just a beginning – perilous days are ahead – II Timothy 3:1.)