Al Qaeda drone attacks on US? Soon it won’t be so far-fetched.

The Christian Science Monitor reports: “A terrorist attack on the nation’s capital using remote-control model airplanes to deliver bombs, as an American Al Qaeda sympathizer arrested in Massachusetts is alleged to have planned, may seem far-fetched or silly.

But perhaps not for long. The US, after all, has already been using unmanned planes to attack Al Qaeda targets with deadly accuracy for years.

And now the emerging international market for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, is exploding, bringing down the cost and expanding the availability of highly capable drone aircraft that could be rigged to deliver explosives, biological or chemical weapons with extreme accuracy – and be difficult or impossible to stop, experts on the subject say.

Groups could smuggle drones into the country or launch them from a ship offshore. Thanks to the development of highly accurate GPS flight systems, even kit-built airplanes could be rigged with explosives and sent hundreds of miles at low altitude, below radar, and crashed into a target, several UAV threat studies have found…” (Drone attacks; the most dangerous and simplest way to kill humans is being readied for the near future — II Timothy 3:1. See how in the next report.)

Model plane bomb plot tests U.S. antiterrorism strategy at home

The Christian Science Monitor reports: “The arrest of a man the FBI says is a would-be Islamic terrorist is now Exhibit A in the US fight against home-grown violent extremism – a textbook case in what to look for and how to respond to ‘lone-wolf’ jihadis intent on doing their fellow Americans harm.

The essence of the strategy is to find and track such individuals as they troll the Internet for terrorist websites, then use undercover agents or willing civilians to set up a sting operation in which the suspect is allowed to continue plotting right up until the moment the trap snaps shut and the arrest is made.

One important feature here is to give such suspects chances to back off – asking if they know that innocent civilians could be killed, for example – so that illegal entrapment does not stymie the government’s case.

That’s the way the FBI and other law enforcement agencies say they were able to arrest Rezwan Ferdaus, a US citizen and graduate of Boston’s Northeastern University with a degree in physics, charging him with plotting to kill US soldiers overseas as well as planning to attack the Pentagon and the US Capitol with explosives carried by remote control aircraft…”