Jack & Rexella,

Thank you so much for spreading the truth of the word of God. We are so blessed to have one who is not scared to tell it like it is and not just say what you think we need to hear. I watch your program every Sunday morning and I am very thankful for God’s word. He certainly will return for us sooner than people think and I pray that all are ready. In today’s society people don’t want to listen they think we are crazy and speaking nonsense, I pray for their souls as if they don’t repent they will be left behind. I pray God will use me to spread his word and be strong to witness for him.

Thank you also for the love the both of you share, how awesome to see a marriage still strong and standing on God’s words and promises. We don’t see that a lot in this day in age…

Love you both keep up the good works and I know you will get that LOOK one day of our Lord and Saviors approval,

Glenda S.

Danielsville, GA