Hello Jack and Rexella,

I’ve been witnessing to my friend Lynne and praying for her salvation for a couple of years. She continued to believe she was going to heaven by her good works.

We hadn’t visited each other for several months, but then she invited me to her house to lunch. During the visit yesterday, she said she’d been getting up at 6:30 on Sunday mornings to watch your program. Through your teaching she became concerned that maybe she wasn’t so sure she was going to heaven.

Her spirit was now open to receive the gift of eternal life through the shed blood of our Savior Yahshua. 🙂

I wanted to share this blessing with you.

Your co-laborer in the Messiah,

Elena C.

New Hampshire

PS My friend paid me the highest compliment ever when she first started describing your program. She said to me, “He’s just like you! He’s always quoting Bible verses about everything that’s going on.” 🙂