Dear Jack and Rexella:

I travel back and forth from Texas to Oklahoma and when I am not able to watch JVI Ministries on TV, I catch up on JVI Ministries Internet TV. I greatly enjoy the both of you as you have such sweet and gentle spirits, yet packed with power when you explain what is happening in the world today along with the Word of God.

I eagerly awaited each email as I am following along in my bible making notes from your message of hope in the Revelation of John. You have enlightened my understanding of the current and future events and given me much hope and peace in spite of the insanity of our nation and world being turned upside down. (What was good is indeed evil and what was evil is now considered good).

May God bless you both and keep you in good health as you continue to bring enlightenment to those of us that are hungry for the prophetic truth.

Thank you for your humble service,