Dear Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe;

Thank you for your public and embarrassing chastisement about 35 – 38 years ago. It has been recalled to my memory after hearing you talk about it on your program, and I again was pierced in my heart. That incident changed my life forever. Incident: At a restaurant, I was seated at a round table with several other females. You and Rexella were at a small booth behind us. I was flippantly using the Lord’s name in vain throughout my conversation. You came over to the table and asked us / me to please watch our language that there was a lady sitting behind us. I was the major offender. At that time I rather laughed it off. I was in my mid-twenties. I grew up in that kind of environment whereas my dad constantly used that kind of language. After that incident, I started to clean up my language in public, not because of how it must have offended our Lord, but because I did not want to be publicly humiliated again. Fast forward a couple of years, I went to see a movie that was to be open for one day only, The Late Great Planet Earth. I walked out of that movie horrified and knowing I needed to turn my life around. You could say this was my second punch. This is when my search and study of our Lord truly began, a desire for a changed life, and my desire to be more like Jesus. I continued to pray for this change to happen, that I would be a new creation in HIM. Starting with ‘our’ incident till present day, I became a Bible school teacher for nine years; taught correspondence Bible lessons to over 350 students primarily from Zimbabwe and Ghana; and my best vacation times involves Christian sites and activities. Our Lord has brought me through many trials and tribulations that resulted in my total dependence, faith, and trust is in HIM alone.

I have been thinking about writing this letter to you for quite some time as an encouragement and so you would see that your firmness in The Word has and does make a difference. Now when I hear someone take my Lord’s name in vain, I ask them not to use that language around me. If I am at a movie that I failed to first check out and the Lord’s name is used in vain, I walk out. It convicts me; it pierces my heart. Yes, I know I am forgiven, but I do not want hurt to leave me. It comforts me, and re-proves to me, that the Lord has taken such a horrible sinner like me and brought me to where I am today. He loved me and was by my side through my conversion to the new creation I am now. Oh, what a SAVIOR! Though I am a sinner, I am covered by the soul saving Blood of Jesus. Had you not chastised me those many years ago, would I have ever come to my now personal relationship with Christ? I don’t know, only He does. What I do know is that HE used you in that restaurant to prick my heart and plant that seed. THANK YOU!!!

May our Lord’s blessings continue to overflow your cup as you both reach others and preach the Word!!! With profound gratitude, respect, and through HIS love,

C. B.