I was bitter and angry with God

Dear Doctors Van Impe,

I wanted to thank you both for being faithful to the Lord, and your excellent ministry. I had lost faith in God when we lost our youngest son. At the time, both of us were very active in church and serving God. The night we lost our baby, our pastor came and told us we had hidden sin in our lives, or God wouldn’t have allowed our son to be taken.

We quit the church. I became bitter and angry with God. Our marriage broke up. I turned to the Occult, Wicca in particular. The idea of a Goddess running everything appealed to me. This lasted several years.

Then, one Sunday morning my brother called and said, “Hey!! Jack Van Impes on TV”.  I ran up the steps and watched the whole program. As time progressed I began to feel the Holy Spirit urging me back. I asked the Lord to please come into my heart and life, and he did. I’m going to order the Jack Van Impe prophecy bible as soon as possible!!

Sold Out To Jesus