“Mommy, Rexella saved me”

Dear Rexella,

“Mommy, Rexella saved me!!” 60 years ago this was my comment to my mom (Beverly F.) after Jr. Church when I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 4. She quickly informed me that it was Jesus that saved me–but in my mind you were the one who told me I had a choice. I made the choice to choose Jesus and never once in the last 60 years have I ever wondered whether it was real. I am now a Pastor’s wife (46 years with my husband) and it has been our pleasure to lead many to making the choice to choose Jesus.

You were in Ogden Community Bible Church with my mom and dad–Bud and Bev F.–friends of yours. My sister Terri (she was 6) and I both accepted Jesus that day.

Dad passed away about 10 years ago and mom lives with us–at 89 she still drives, can out-walk me, and might not remember what she has to do tomorrow but can remember every hymn (every verse) and Bible verse and passage she ever learned!! She is an amazing person. We see you often, of course–but thought I’d catch you up on us.

Thank you for being so faithful in your ministry. I am a by-product of “you saving me 60 years ago”! I was SO impressed with that accordion-playin’ husband of yours, too! WOW!!!

With much appreciation,

Chris C.