Iranian Mouthpiece Media Calls on Syria to Attack Israel

Israel National News reports: “Syrian President Bashar Assad should attack Israel, says an Iranian newspaper considered the mouthpiece of the Supreme Leader.

Iran is concerned that the fall of Assad’s regime will cost the Islamic Republic its closest ally and could ignite anti-Syrian elements in Lebanon, base of the Iranian-funded Hizbullah terrorist organization and political party.

The Kayhan newspaper, which operates directly under the supervision of the Islamic Supreme Leader of Iran, wrote that Assad has every reason to strike Israel because of Israel’s alleged responsibility for the bombing in Damascus, which killed several of Assad’s’ top military officers.

The suicide blast has been widely attributed to Al Qaeda or other terrorists, if not the Syrian rebels themselves, and no journalist has even implied that Israel was involved.

The newspaper’s call for war cannot be taken lightly. Kayhan ‘offers insight into the most extreme views of Iran’s leaders and into the mind-set and plans of those who are at the center of power,’ according to New York Times correspondent Michael Slackman…” (Syria will pay the price if God’s Chosen People, the Jews are attacked. Isaiah 17:1 predicts what our Almighty God will do against these ungodly attackers – “…Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” See the next three reports.)

Syria’s Alawites ‘prepare for last stand’

SpaceWar.com reports: “There are growing signs that Syrian President Bashar Assad is setting up strongholds for his minority Alawite sect in their ancestral lands in northwestern Syria, where they will presumably dig in as the country Syria dissolves amid a 17-month-old revolution — or make a last stand.

Assad seems determined to fight on and his forces appear to be driving rebel forces out of Damascus after more than a week of fierce street battles during which four of the president’s key security chiefs were assassinated in a bombing.

But there’s a growing belief, largely based on a series of recent military operations by Assad’s forces, mainly Alawites who’re the pillars of his minority regime, to consolidate Alawite regions in coastal Latakia province where he can count on the populace as rebel forces take territory.

‘It appears to be a matter of time before Alawite-dominated forces fighting in Damascus begin their retreat,’ global intelligence consultancy Stratfor observed from Texas.

Alawites, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, comprise around 12 percent of Syria’s population of 22 million…”

Jordan king warns Syria on the brink of civil war

AFP reports: “The king of Jordan warned that his northern neighbor Syria was on the brink of all-out civil war and that in a worst-case scenario, chemical weapons could fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

King Abdullah II told CNN a bomb attack that killed core members of the Syrian regime was a ‘tremendous blow’ to President Bashar al-Assad but not yet the death knell for a regime that remains determined to cling to power.

‘In other words, it’s getting very, very messy to a point where I think the worst-case scenario for all of us in the region is when you get full-out civil war. There is no coming back from the abyss,’ he said…”

Hizbullah Places Itself at Assad’s Disposal

Israel National News reports: “The Hizbullah terror group has affirmed its allegiance to Syria and has offered to place itself at President Bashar Assad’s disposal.

According to a report on in Lebanon’s Al-Joumhouria newspaper, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah ‘placed all of Hizbullah capabilities at al-Assad’s disposal, in the event of the Syrian regime requiring urgent assistance.’

The newspaper quoted senior political sources as confirming that there had been contact between Assad and Nasrallah, and that ‘Nasrallah had offered al-Assad two forms of assistance, firstly he offered elements of Hizbullah’s special forces any time they are needed, even if they are required to be sent to open fronts to fight the revolutionaries. Secondly, Nasrallah invited the Syrian president to his personal residence, or even to meet inside the Iranian embassy in Beirut.’

The report said that Assad ‘has opted to remain in Syria because he still believes he is able to steer the ship with the help of some Russian political and military experts.’…”

Israeli envoy to UN: Assad likely to use chemical weapons on his own people

Haaretz reports: “Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor warned the General Assembly that Syrian President Bashar Assad could use chemical weapons on the Syrian people saying ‘We should not pretend that a regime that cuts the throats of children today will not be prepared to gas them tomorrow.’

The General Assembly condemned Syria’s military campaign against anti-regime rebels in a resolution that also censured the Security Council for failing to stop the bloodshed. The resolution deplored ‘the increasing use by the Syrian authorities of heavy weapons, including indiscriminate shelling from tanks and helicopters, in population centers and the failure to withdraw its troops and the heavy weapons to their barracks.’

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the assembly that Syria faced the ‘grim possibility of long-term civil war,’ and warned of the risk of a ‘proxy war, with regional and international players arming one side or the other.’

‘What is especially tragic about Syria is that this catastrophe was avoidable,’ he said…” (The major denominations within Islam are Egypt’s Wahhabis, Syria’s Alawites, Iran’s and Iraq’s Shiites and the more peaceful groups the Sunnis and Sufis. Imagine Muslims destroying Muslims chemically and in every way imaginable and receiving 72 virgins as an eternal reward. See I John 3:10 and I John 3:16 for Christianity’s handling of brothers and sisters in the faith regardless of denominational preferences. See the next two reports for more of the same Islamic hatred between their various sects.)

Student Activist Asks for Formation of Islamic Resistance Cells in Syria

The Fars News Agency reports: “An Iranian student activist called on the Syrian youths to form a chain of Islamic resistance cells to help the government in the confrontation against armed rebel and terrorist groups.

Speaking to reporters, Secretary of the Union of Iranian University Student’s Islamic Society (UIUSIS) for Political Affairs Mohammad Riyazati stated that unrest in Syria is a plot hatched by the US and the Zionist regime of Israel to break the Islamic resistance front in the region.

He pointed to the failure of different plans for resolving the current crisis in Syria, including the 6-point peace plan by UN-Arab League special envoy Kofi Anan, and noted, ‘What Syria needs today more than any other time is the formation of a chain of Islamic resistance cells among the Syrian youths.’

Riyazati further pointed to the crucial role played by a similar chain of young Iranian Basij (volunteer) forces in confronting saboteurs and forces who had been organized and backed up by foreign spy agencies during post-election unrests in Iran in 2009, and said it exemplified how youth cells can help restore stability in times of crisis…”