Erdogan: European Headscarf Ban ‘Started a Clash Between the Cross and the Crescent’

March 17, 2017 — Breitbart.com reports: “In addition to his customary invective against European governments for refusing to allow his ministers to rally Turkish expatriates behind him, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that the EU’s new ban on headscarves in the workplace would launch ‘a struggle between the cross and the crescent.’

‘Where is the liberty of religion? They have commenced a struggle between the cross and crescent. There is no other explanation than this. I am saying this clearly: Europe is heading toward the days just before World War II,’ said Erdogan, as rendered by Hurriyet Daily News.

Euractiv transcribes Erdogan’s quote as, ‘The European Union’s court, the European Court of Justice, my esteemed brothers, have started a crusade struggle against the crescent,’ which would be even more incendiary. Jihad and Islamist groups perpetually accuse Western powers of conducting another ‘crusade’ against Muslims.

‘Shame on the EU. Down with your European principles, values, and justice,’ Erdogan told his supporters…”  (The clash between the Cross and the Crescent has been in existence for centuries.  Dr. Erwin Lutzer wrote in his book The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: “We should note that Muslims were destroying crosses long before the Crusades… When Muslim invaders entered Jerusalem in 637, they did away with all crosses and would not allow them to be displayed.  The symbol that lies at the heart of the Christian faith was utterly abolished.  And that’s the way it has been ever since.”  See the next two reports.)



Islam Will Surpass Christianity As World’s Largest Religion By 2070, Pew Predicts

March 2, 2017 — ChristianToday.com reports: “Islam is the fasting growing religion in the world, and will be the largest in the world by 2070, new research suggests.

A study updated this week by the Pew Research Centre titled ‘Muslims and Islam: Key findings in the US and around the world’, suggests that Islam will grow by 73 per cent by 2050, compared with only 35 per cent growth for Christianity.

The entire world population is expected to grow by 37 per cent, meaning Islam will grow at nearly twice the rate of the world. In 2010 Christians numbered 2.17 billion, and Muslims 1.6 billion. By 2070 those numbers will reach 2.92 billion and 2.76 billion respectively.

In the US, Muslims are predicted to make up 2.1 per cent of the population by 2050. They currently make up approximately 1 per cent of the population, numbering around 3.3 million. In Europe, Muslims will reach 10 per cent of the population by 2050.

Atheism and non-religious identification will decline, the report says. While such groups will grow in North America and Europe, globally they will decline from 16.4 per cent of the population to 13.2 per cent by 2050.

The reports suggest two factors behind Islam’s rapid growth. Muslims have the highest fertility rate, at 3.1 children per woman. Muslims also have the youngest average age – 34 per cent are aged under 15…”


Christian Worship to Be Replaced with Multi-Faith Assemblies in British Schools

March 1, 2017 — Breitbart.com reports: “A Labour-run London council has become the first nationwide to allow its schools to opt out of providing Christian assemblies.

State-funded non-faith schools are required by law to offer a daily act of worship which must be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’, unless granted special dispensation by the local authority.

But Brent Council in north-west London has used that loophole to offer all its schools an opt-out, encouraging them to take up the option and replace Christian worship with multi-faith assemblies, the Mirror has reported…”



Shariah, Canada-style: What you can’t say

March 12, 2017 — WND.com reports: “America’s democratic neighbor to the north, Canada, is grappling right now with a number of parliamentary resolutions that would protect the religion of Islam from criticism, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The proposals are only recommendations at the moment, without the force of law, but Khadija Khan, a Pakistan-based journalist and commentator writing for the Gatestone Institute warns it likely won’t stay that way.

He noted a resolution, M-103, seeking to condemn so-called ‘Islamophobia,’ was introduced a few weeks ago by Liberal Party MP Iqra Khalid in the House of Commons.

A similar motion, M-37, was later tabled in the Ontario provincial legislature by MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers on Feb. 23 and was passed by the provincial parliament.

‘M-37, like its predecessor, demanded that lawmakers condemn ‘all forms of Islamophobia’ and reaffirm ‘support for government efforts, through the Anti-Racism Directorate, to address and prevent systemic racism across government policy, programs and services,’ ‘Khan wrote…”  (I have shared this on worldwide TV numerous times, here are 10 reasons why sharia is bad for all societies: 1. Islam commands offensive, aggressive and unjust jihad which is a holy war.  2.  Islam orders apostates to be killed.  3.  Islam orders death for Muslims and death for non-Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran, and even Sharia itself.  4.  Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped, put to death, and adulterers to be stones.  5.  Islam commands all homosexuals to be executed.  6.  Islam commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated.  7.  Islam commands that a male and female thief must have a hand cut off.  8.  Islam allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge, physical eye for physical eye.  9.  Islam allows husbands to beat their wives.  10.  Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers be beaten.  Sharia law ultimately degrades societies and diminishes freedom.)