Army ousts Egypt’s President Morsi

BBC News reports: “The head of Egypt’s army has given a TV address, announcing that President Mohammed Morsi is no longer in office.

Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said the constitution had been suspended and the chief justice of the constitutional court would take on Mr Morsi’s powers.

He said Mr Morsi had “failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people”.

Later, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice party, and his deputy were detained, officials said.

Saad al-Katatni, who heads the party, and the Islamist movement’s deputy head, Rashad al-Bayoumi, were reportedly picked up hours after the speech.

Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo gave a huge cheer in response to Gen Sisi’s speech.

However, US President Barack Obama said he was “deeply concerned” by the latest turn of events and called for a swift return to civilian government.

The army’s move to depose the president follows four days of mass street demonstrations against Mr Morsi – Egypt’s first freely elected president – and an ultimatum issued by the military which expired on Wednesday [July 3, 2013] afternoon…” (22 million Egyptians protested against President Morsi because of his promotion of Sharia Law which calls for the killing of daughters who have had sex without marriage, homosexuals, and apostates of Islam who say an unkind word about Mohammed or the Koran, and all infidels, including members of all other religions, especially the Christian faith outside of Islam. These protesting Muslims want democracy and peace. See the next report.)



Terrorists Try to Take Advantage of Egyptian Coup Chaos

Israel National News reports: “Arab terrorists are attempting to take advantage of the chaos that inevitably follows a coup d’etat, but the Egyptian Army appears to have been prepared for that possibility.

In a Cairo suburb, security forces arrested four people on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. All four were members of the Hamas terrorist organization, a security source told the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper.

Explosives were found in the apartment during a search, as well as military and police uniforms. The suspects were taken into custody for interrogation.

On the day prior to Wednesday’s [7/3/13] coup, the Egyptian Army had already moved tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) to the country’s northern border with Gaza. The move came as a strategy to foil attempts at terror or infiltration from the region or through the Sinai Peninsula.

Nevertheless, along Egypt’s border with Israel, a group of unidentified smugglers attempted to infiltrate through the border early Thursday morning.

They didn’t make it.

Egyptian soldiers opened fire at the group as they approached the border, stopping them in their tracks. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Officially, the Hamas terror organization has said it will not offer any reaction to the ouster of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi, Xinhua reported Thursday [7/4/13] morning…”



Egyptian coup uncovers anti-Obama sentiment

WND.com reports: “America certainly has popularity problems – despite spending billions of dollars – among the nations in the Middle East and north Africa, but it took Wednesday’s uprising in Egypt, in which a Muslim Brotherhood-linked president apparently was taken down, to reveal the full extent of dislike of America’s president, Barack Obama.

‘Wake Up America Obama backs Up a Fascist Regime in Egypt,’ declared one banner.

‘Obama Supports Terrorism,’ said another.

And another stated, ‘Obama you jerk. Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians so how come they can guarantee you the security of Israel. Hey Obama, your deal with the Muslim Brotherhood was unsuccessful. Obama you idiot. Keep in mind that Egypt is not Muslim brotherhoods and if you don’t believe that go and see what’s happening in Tahrir Square.’

The U.S. and Egypt long had been on friendly terms under former President Hosni Mubarak. However, as part of the Arab Spring movement that claimed it was in pursuit of freedom but actually installed radical Muslim elements in power in several nations, he was ousted at Obama’s encouragement.

Muhammad Morsi, with all his links to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, was installed as the new president a year ago.

But now the U.S. has taken a hands-off attitude, and Morsi apparently was challenged by his own military.

No matter who calls the shots for the next weeks or months, it is expected Egypt will be in turmoil…” (President Obama is now paying the price for his favoritism and playing the religious game of claiming Christianity and attempting to please Muslims by doing everything under his power to please a religion whose main goal is to kill all Jews and the Christians. President Obama – “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other…” – Matthew 6:24.)



Israel Closely, Quietly Monitoring Egyptian Developments

Israel National News reports: “Israel is closely monitoring developments in Egypt as a new regime begins to take form following the military ouster of Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi.

There has been no comment from the office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has asked all cabinet ministers, the Foreign Ministry and all official spokesperson not to comment on the events taking place across Israel’s southern border.

One official told the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity the government is ‘closely monitoring the situation in Egypt but is not making any predictions because things are still developing.

‘It is important that the Egyptian people can enjoy a new level of freedom and self-determination… but the current situation has sent shock waves throughout the Arab world and it is causing some concern in Israel,’ the source said.

‘There is great uncertainty over Egypt’s future and it is very difficult for Egypt, which is caught up with internal issues, to deal with security problems, notably from terror groups in Sinai,’ another source told Army Radio – also speaking on condition of anonymity.

Former public security minister Avi Dichter, however, was willing to speak on the record and grimly told Voice of Israel radio listeners in Hebrew on Thursday that he believes Israel will eventually be punished by the Muslim Brotherhood for its president’s ouster…” (Armageddon approaches – Revelation 16:16. Russia leads the horrendous battle and the King of the South – Egypt – who becomes that leader at that hour leads an Arab Federation united with Russia to attempt to fulfill Psalm 83:4: “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” See the next two reports.)



Turkey Calls Morsi’s Removal ‘Unacceptable Coup’

Voice of America News reports: “Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the army’s overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was a ‘military coup’, and ‘unacceptable’.

‘The removal of President Mohamed Morsi, who came to power through a democratic election, by the intervention of the Egyptian army is an extremely worrying situation,’ Davutoglu told reporters in Istanbul.

‘Leaders who come to power with open and transparent elections reflecting the will of the people can only be removed by elections, that is, the will of the nation,’ he said. ‘It is unacceptable for a government that has come to power through democratic elections to be toppled through illicit means and, even more, a military coup.’

The response by Turkey’s government, which like Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood has Islamist roots, appeared to be the strongest foreign reaction so far to Morsi’s overthrow.

The United Nations, the United States and other powers have stopped short of denouncing the move as a military coup; to do so might trigger automatic sanctions…”



Iran Says Egypt Coup ‘Improper,’ Russia Warns of ‘Civil War’

Israel National News reports: “Iran says last week’s overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was ‘improper,’ and Russia is warning the country is on the brink of ‘civil war.’

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araghchi was quoted by the country’s official IRNA news agency as saying supporters of the deposed president should not give up their quest to reinstate him.

The presidency, he said, should not be decided by ‘the streets.’

Speaking in a statement … Araghchi said, ‘Islamists and revolutionaries should not be frustrated. Arab Spring can be followed by warm summer and cold winter,’ too.

It was the with the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi that Iran and Egypt ended more than 30 years of a freeze that dated back to Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying that the clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents is threatening to take the country into total chaos…”