Britain votes to leave EU, Cameron quits as markets dive

June 24, 2016 Reuters reports: “Britain voted to leave the European Union, forcing the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and dealing the biggest blow to the European project of greater unity since World War Two.

Global financial markets plunged on Friday as results from a referendum showed a near 52-48 percent split for leaving a bloc that Britain joined more than 40 years ago.

The pound fell as much as 10 percent against the dollar to touch levels last seen in 1985, on fears the decision could hit investment in the world’s fifth-largest economy, threaten London’s role as a global financial capital and usher in months of political uncertainty.

World stocks headed for one of the biggest slumps on record, and billions of dollars were wiped off the value of European companies. Britain’s big banks took a $130 billion battering, with Lloyds (LLOY.L) and Barclays (BARC.L) falling as much as 30 percent at the opening of trade. [MKTS/GLOB]

The United Kingdom itself could now break apart, with the leader of Scotland – where nearly two-thirds of voters wanted to stay in the EU – saying a new referendum on independence from the rest of Britain was ‘highly likely’…”  (For years I believed that when Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg became the beginning of the ten toes of Daniels image in Daniel 2:41, 42, and 44, plus chapter seven and the ten horns of Revelation 13:1, that this was the beginning of the New World Order, especially when England joined and then Greece as number 10 in 1981.  Then after it grows to multiplied nations, members will cast out three of the original members and morph into a 10 Division World Empire.  Once that occurs, it definitely means the global government of the Antichrist has arrived which Christ destroys at His return to set up His global kingdom upon earth.)

Kremlin Gets Flashback of Soviet Collapse in Brexit Fallout

June 27, 2016 Bloomberg.com reports: “The upheaval in the U.K. after its Brexit referendum in favor of leaving the European Union has similarities to the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman.

While it’s ‘unreasonable to draw direct parallels,’ it’s obvious that the U.K. is going through a ‘turbulent, confusing and unpredictable period,’ Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call Monday. Russia ‘has gone through the collapse of the Soviet Union and many generations clearly remember the period of the Soviet collapse, that period of uncertainty.’…” (President Putin wants to restore the glory and power of the past Soviet Union and will lead in a global World War III to try to restore its former hour of glory – Ezekiel 38:1-6 – but it fails – Ezekiel 39:1-5.)

EU Foreign Affairs Chief: Europe Needs an EU Army

June 27, 2016 Breitbart.com reports: “Soon after Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU), its foreign affairs chief, Elmar Brok, urged the economic and political bloc to go ahead with plans to create an army.

The German politician told Die Welt that EU countries need to cooperate more closely on issues of defence, and suggested the EU needs a military headquarters. He said:

‘We need a common (military) headquarters and a coalition (of EU countries) acting in accordance with the permanent structural cooperation of the EU Treaty. From such a group an EU army could eventually arise.’…”  (Europe will have its powerful EU army which defeats the Russian, Chinese, Islamic armies, used by Christ as He returns to destroy Israel’s enemies and sets up His eternal kingdom upon earth.  First for one thousand years – Revelation 20:4 – and then forever – Isaiah 45:17; Ephesians 3:21.  See the next two reports.)

European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit

June 28, 2016 Express.co.uk reports: “European political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged yesterday.

The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an ‘ultimatum’.

Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.

Controversially member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocating refugees…”  (There are now plans to divide the world into a 10 division empire:

  • America, Canada and Mexico
  • South America
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Japan
  • South Asia
  • Central Asia
  • North Africa and Middle East
  • The Remainder of Africa

See the next report.)


 Just Days After Brexit, EU Releases Plan For Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership

June 30, 2016 Breitbart.com reports: “The European Union (EU) is going through an ‘existential crisis’ that can only be solved through more military integration, Turkish accession and the creation of a ‘true union’, EU chiefs have said.

In a document on the political union’s foreign policy objectives in light of the UK’s vote to leave, EU officials call for a ‘stronger Europe’ the draws on ‘the combined weight of a true union’.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini points out in the foreword that ‘the European Union currently deploys seventeen military and civilian operations, with thousands of men and women serving under the European flag for peace and security’ before calling for further integration.

The document adds that the EU needs ‘full spectrum defence capabilities’, and although it claims members states will ‘remain sovereign’ in decisions of defence, it goes on to say: ‘To acquire and maintain many of these capabilities, defence cooperation must become the norm.’…”