Kim sets out new goals for North’s military, KCNA reports

December 28, 2022  — SpaceWar.com reports: “Kim Jong Un announced new goals for North Korea’s military in a report to party leaders, state media reported Wednesday, hinting that sanctions-busting weapons tests will continue next year.

Kim is currently presiding over a major party meeting in capital Pyongyang, during which the top leader and other senior party officials outline their policy goals for 2023 in key areas including diplomacy, security and the economy.

Kim ‘set forth new key goals for bolstering up the self-reliant defence capability to be pushed ahead with in 2023,’ the official Korean Central News Agency reported Wednesday, without giving any details.

The report ‘analysed and assessed the new challengeable situation created in the Korean peninsula,’ KCNA said, in an apparent reference to the recent sharp escalation in tensions between North and South.

Kim made clear the ‘orientation of struggle against the enemy to be adhered to by our Party,’ KCNA added…”  (North Korea marches with Russia and China for the war of the latter years and latter days – Ezekiel 38:8, 16.  Atomic bombs will produce global incineration – Psalms 97:3; Isaiah 66:15; Joel 2:3, 30; Zephaniah 1:18; Malachi 4:1; Revelation 8:7 and 9:18.  See the next two reports.)

North Korea Sends Drones Into South Korea in Brazen Incursion 

December 26, 2022  — Voice of America News reports: “North Korea sent several small drones into South Korean airspace Monday, Seoul officials said, prompting South Korea’s military to fly its own unmanned surveillance aircraft north of the sensitive border.

South Korea also scrambled fighter jets and attack helicopters to respond to the North Korean incursion but failed to bring down any of the drones, according to South Korean military officials.

While one of the drones returned to North Korea, the status of four others is not known, said South Korean military officials who spoke to reporters on background late Monday.

It’s not clear if the North Korean drones were armed, though South Korean officials say they were small – with a wingspan of only about 2 meters.

North Korea has sent tiny, crudely built UAVs into South Korea for apparent surveillance missions at least four other times since 2014, though this is the first reported incursion in more than five years…” 

US B-52s Fly Near South Korea, as North Korea Ramps Up Threats

December 22, 2022  — Voice of America News reports: “The United States flew nuclear-capable B-52 strategic bombers and F-22 stealth fighter jets near South Korea Tuesday as part of a demonstration of U.S. ‘extended deterrence’ against North Korea, said South Korea’s military.

South Korean F-35A and F-15K fighters also participated in the joint air drills held in South Korea’s air defense identification zone southwest of its southern island of Jeju, according to a statement by Seoul’s Ministry of National Defense.

It is the allies’ latest show of force toward North Korea, which has hardened its rhetoric toward the United States and South Korea and conducted a record number of missile tests this year.

U.S. and South Korean defense officials agreed last month to reinforce Washington’s security commitment to Seoul, including by increasing joint military drills and regularizing the presence of U.S. strategic assets, such as long-range bombers and aircraft carriers…”

Kim Jong-un’s Sister Threatens to Launch ICBM Towards America in Unhinged Rant

December 21, 2022  — Breitbart.com reports: “Kim Yo-Jong, a top North Korean communist official and sister of dictator Kim Jong-un, published a barely coherent string of insults and threats on Tuesday suggesting that international experts doubting the quality of North Korean weapons may soon prompt an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch across the Pacific Ocean.

Kim, officially a vice department director at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party (the ruling communist party), published her statement through the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), one of the few legal media outlets in the country and a government-run propaganda platform.

Kim appeared to be responding to the free world’s tepid response to North Korean media announcing that it had developed a military espionage satellite and publishing low-resolution, black-and-white images as proof…”  (Kim Jong-un, his sister, and recently his daughter, Ju-ae, who appeared with him twice recently raising speculation about possible succession, are following in the footsteps of Kim Jong-il and Kim il-sung in seeking nuclear weapons.  In 1993, President Bill Clinton spoke in South Korea and stated that if North Korea gained and used a nuclear weapon, the U.S. would quickly and overwhelming retaliate, and it would mean the end of their country as they know it.  President George W. Bush named North Korea as one of the three-part ‘axis of evil’ along with Iran and Iraq in 2002.  In 2014, President Barack Obama warned North Korea that the U.S. would not hesitate to use military might to defend our allies against this ‘pariah state’.  And in August 2017, President Donald Trump stated: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.  They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”  It is believed that North Korea developed nuclear weapons in 2004.  See the next report.) 

Experts: North Korea’s ICBMs Pose Preemption Challenges for US

December 21, 2022  — Voice of America News reports: “North Korea’s rapidly advancing ICBM capabilities pose a growing threat to the United States and its allies, according to experts who say it will become increasingly difficult to destroy Pyongyang’s missiles prior to launch with preemptive strikes.

In the latest development, North Korea suggested Tuesday it is preparing to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile on a normal trajectory similar to what would be used in a real attack, rather than on the less threatening lofted trajectory of previous tests.

North Korea successfully launched a Hwasong-17 ICBM in November, according to its state media KCNA. The ICBM, like other ballistic missiles, was fired into space on a lofted trajectory before falling into the waters between North Korea and Japan.

Facing criticism that the ICBM’s capabilities ‘cannot be proven by a lofted-angle launch alone,’ Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s influential sister, said the missile must be fired ‘at a normal angle’ to demonstrate that it could target the U.S….”