Imam: We’ll kill our women if they dishonor us

October 11, 2018 — WND.com reports: “While some Islamic scholars have insisted that ‘honor killing’ is cultural rather than inherently Islamic, a prominent Palestinian Muslim cleric made it clear in a sermon at the iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that Muslim men are prepared to kill to defend their family’s name.

Sheik Issam Amira explained that Muslims are ‘undergoing a major crisis regarding the honor of their womenfolk’ amid the many temptations posed by modernity.

Social media, television and women leaving the house without male chaperones are just some examples of the ‘obliteration’ of women’s honor in Palestine, he said.

In response, Amira encouraged men to say to their female relatives: ‘We are ready to die defending your honor, but at the same time, we are ready to kill you if you take your honor lightly.’…” ((According to the Honor Based Violence Awareness Network there are 5,000 honor killings internationally per year.  1,000 of them occur in India, 1,000 occur in Pakistan, It is estimated that between 23 – 27 honor killings occur annually in the United States.  This is a result of Shariah law – all the women who bring “dishonor” upon their family by premarital sex, extramarital sex, or marrying an unapproved husband, or any other offense, such as becoming too “Westernized” are to be slaughtered.  This is to be carried out by the father, brother, or uncle.)

Top Palestinian adviser admits conflict’s all about Islam

October 12, 2018 — WND.com reports: “The Palestinian Authority and its allies long have insisted that the conflict in the Middle East boils down to a dispute over land.

If Israel would be willing to give up certain land and accept particular demands, peace could be achieved at last.

But a top adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has made it clear that Islam and its objective to establish the rule of Shariah, not only in the region but over the entire world, is at the heart of the matter.

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, regarded at the PA’s most important religious figure, said the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is not a political conflict but a ‘battle’ between Islam and ‘the culture of Satan.’…”  ” (All eleven Islamic terrorist groups have one goal, a global takeover within the next ten years.  The godless Sharia Law of Islam sparks international murder and death.  The only hope is Christ’s return to stop this horrendous hour in upcoming history.) 

Palestinian Sharia Judge: ‘Jews Live on the Body Parts of Others’

October 22, 2018Breitbart.com reports: “A Sharia judge for the Palestinian Authority claimed in a sermon that was broadcast on the PA’s official TV network that Jews ‘dance and live on the body parts of others, and on the blood of others,’ and ‘there is no global corruption that their rabbis did not allow.’

In an anti-Semitic sermon broadcast earlier this month and translated by Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch, Muhammad Abu Rumi charged Jews with being ‘the fabricators of history.’

‘Read their history: There is no global corruption that they are not behind. There is no global corruption that their rabbis did not allow,’ Abu Rumi ranted…”  (This is another example of “Blood Libel” which the Encyclopedia Judaica defines as: “…the allegation that Jews murder non-Jews, especially Christian children, in order to obtain blood for the Passover or other rituals: most blood libels occurred close to Passover, being basically a another form of the belief that Jews had been and still were responsible for the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the divine child; a complex of deliberate lies, trumped-up accusations, and popular beliefs about the murder-lust of the Jews and their bloodthirstiness, based on the conception that Jews hate Christianity and mankind in general. It is combined with the delusion that Jews are in some way not human and must have recourse to special remedies and subterfuges to appear, at least outwardly, like other men. The blood libel led to trials and massacres of Jews in the Middle Ages and early modern times; it was revived by the Nazis. Its origin is rooted in ancient, almost primordial, concepts concerning the potency and energies of blood.”  This can be traced back to the father of anti-Semitism – Satan who “…stood up against Israel” – I Chronicles 21:1.  God loves His Chosen People – “…I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee” – Jeremiah 31:3.)