Taliban orders girl high schools remain closed

March 23, 2022 — The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Taliban on Wednesday backtracked on their announcement that high schools would open for girls, saying they would remain closed until a plan was drawn up in accordance with Islamic law for them to reopen.

Teachers and students from three high schools around the capital Kabul said girls had returned in excitement to campuses on Wednesday morning but were ordered to go home. They said many students left in tears.

‘We all got disappointed and we all became totally hopeless when the principal told us, she was also crying,’ said a student, not being named for security reasons.

The last time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, from 1996 to 2001, they banned female education and most employment…”  (Sharia Law is a complete way of life with Islamic nations – social, cultural, military, religious, and political – governed from cradle to grave by Islamic law. It poses a great threat and there is a considerable awareness about its aggressive design on humanity wherever it is law with Muslim nations. Dangerous days are ahead – II Timothy 3:1.)

‘Horrific’: 30 worshippers killed in Pakistan suicide attack

March 4, 2022 — news.com.au reports: “At least 30 worshippers have been killed in a blast at a Shiite mosque in northwest Pakistan, with a further 56 wounded.

On Friday evening AEDT, local reports emerged of the blast that occurred moments before Friday prayers in the Kocha Risaldar area of Peshawar, around 190 kilometres west of Pakistan capital Islamabad.

Peshawar is a two-and-a-half hour drive from Rawalpindi, where Australia’s cricket team was playing the first day of a historic Test match against Pakistan.

According to reports, children and the elderly are among the injured…”  (Under Sharia Law jihad [holy war] is permitted and even commanded. Children are indoctrinated with the law at mosques and madrassas which include lessons about abhorrent behavior including child abuse, wife abuse, female genital mutilation, polygamy, underage and forced marriages, and honor killing if the unmarried daughter has had sex. Death is also administered to apostates, infidels and homosexuals. See Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:21, 22.  See the next report.)

SPA: Saudi Arabia Executes 81 Men for Terrorism, Other Charges

March 14, 2022 — Voice of America News reports: “Saudi Arabia executed 81 men over the past 24 hours, including seven Yemenis and one Syrian national, on charges including terrorism and holding ‘deviant beliefs,’ state news agency SPA said Saturday.

The number dwarfed the 67 executions reported in the kingdom in all of 2021 and the 27 in 2020.

‘These individuals … were convicted of various crimes including murdering innocent men, women and children,’ SPA said, citing a statement from the interior ministry.

‘Crimes committed by these individuals also include pledging allegiance to foreign terrorist organizations, such as ISIS [Islamic State], al-Qaida and the Houthis,’ it added.

Some traveled to conflict zones to join ‘terrorist organizations,’ SPA said…”