Belgium looks at euthanasia for minors, Alzheimer’s sufferers

France24.com reports: “Belgium is considering a significant change to its decade-old euthanasia law that would allow minors and Alzheimer’s sufferers to seek permission to die.

The proposed changes to the law were submitted to parliament Tuesday by the Socialist party and are likely to be approved by other parties, although no date has yet been put forward for a parliamentary debate.

‘The idea is to update the law to take better account of dramatic situations and extremely harrowing cases we must find a response to,’ party leader Thierry Giet said.

The draft legislation calls for ‘the law to be extended to minors if they are capable of discernment or affected by an incurable illness or suffering that we cannot alleviate.’

Belgium was the second country in the world after the Netherlands to legalise euthanasia in 2002 but it applies only to people over the age of 18.

Socialist Senator Philippe Mahoux, who helped draft the proposed changes, said there had been cases of adolescents who ‘had the capacity to decide’ their future.

He said parliamentarians would also consider extended mercy-killing to people suffering from Alzheimer’s-type illnesses…” (Job 7:1 asks: “Is there not an appointed time to men on the earth?

God’s Ten Commandments are eternal. The term in Exodus 20:7 stating “Thou shalt not kill” is murder. Our Lord Jesus translated the commandment correctly in Matthew 19:18. All who kill and murder others will be eternally separated from God – that includes abortionists and euthanasia’s.)

France takes first step toward medically-assisted suicide

France24.com reports: “A government-commissioned report released on Tuesday has recommended that France allow doctors to ‘accelerate death’ for terminally-ill patients who want to end their lives.

French people overwhelmingly support medically-assisted suicide, with an October poll showing 89% in favour.

Examining the case for medically-assisted suicide was a campaign pledge made by French President François Hollande ahead of his election in May 2012.

Hollande pledged to act on the recommendations of the government-commissioned report, which will be referred to a national council on medical ethics that will examine the precise circumstances under which doctors can assist in ending a patient’s life.

Draft legislation could be produced in France as early as June 2013.

‘The existing legislation does not meet the legitimate concerns expressed by people who are gravely and incurably ill,’ Hollande told reporters on Tuesday, referring to a 2005 law that allows doctors to ‘leave patients to die’….”

Are you prepared to handle human clones?

WND.com reports: “The British scientist whose work cloning frogs in the 1950s led to the replication of Dolly the sheep in 1996 is now predicting human clones are very possible within the next 50 years.

John Gurdon, this year’s Nobel Prize winner for medicine, told a BBC Radio program that when he was conducting his research on frogs, he had forecast the successful replication of a mammal within 50 years, and that ‘maybe the same answer is appropriate’ for the jump to copying humans.

Gurdon explained, ‘When my first frog experiments were done, an eminent American reporter came down and said, ‘How long will it be before these things can be done in mammals or humans?’

‘I said: ‘Well, it could be anywhere between 10 years and 100 years – how about 50 years? It turned out that wasn’t far off the mark as far as Dolly was concerned. Maybe the same answer is appropriate.’

The scientist likened creating a human clone to the formation of an identical twin, and experts would merely be ‘copying what nature has already produced.’…” (The one obvious lesson I see in cloning human beings is directed to apostate clergy members who ridicule Christ’s virgin birth. If man can create human beings by cloning is it impossible to think that God could send His eternal Son into the world without a sexual act? Perish the thought. Study Hebrews 10:25; Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, 7; and Luke 1:28 – 35.)