Germany’s Merkel Calls for United Europe

Voice of America News reports: “German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for a stronger political union in Europe to overcome the bloc’s debt crisis. She called the crisis the continent’s ‘toughest hour since World War II.’ And, in Italy, Prime Minister-designate Mario Monti was hard at work choosing members of his Cabinet.

Addressing thousands of delegates of her conservative party, Chancellor Angela Merkel made clear that Germany will have to make more sacrifices to deal with financial events in Europe.

Today, she said, Europe is in one of its toughest hours, maybe the toughest hour since World War II. It must be clear to us that we must not be discouraged by that. In 2008, she said, we managed to overcome the financial crisis with the motto that Germany would come out stronger from this crisis than we entered it. Now we must succeed in getting Europe out of this crisis stronger than when it entered it.

Merkel added that the European Union’s structure must be developed further. That, she said, means creating a Europe that ensures that the euro has a future.

The German chancellor said the euro is far more than just a currency. It is the symbol of European unification and it has become the symbol for half a century of peace, freedom and prosperity.

The leader of Europe’s biggest economy stressed that if the euro fails, so will Europe…” (This call for a united Europe has to do with finances. I believe this situation could lead to the control of the world through a system described as the micro chipping of all human beings to solve global problems. In 2008 the Bilderberg’s meeting in Chantilly VA set 2017 as the date to begin to fulfill this plan – Revelation 13: 16 – 18.)