Turkey imposes trade restrictions on Israel until Gaza cease-fire

Voice of America News reports: “Turkey said Tuesday it is imposing trade restrictions on Israel affecting a range of products until Israel declares a cease-fire in Gaza.

The restrictions include trade in 54 categories, including iron, steel, cement, aviation fuel and fertilizer.

The move comes a day after Israel blocked a Turkish request to carry out an airdrop of aid to Gaza. Multiple countries have conducted aid drops to try to counter what humanitarian organizations have said is a lack of adequate access to bring in badly needed aid through land crossings.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz pledged to respond with parallel measures against Turkey, saying Israel will not respond to ‘violence and extortion.’

Katz posted on X that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sacrificing ‘the economic interest of Turkey’s people for the sake of his support of Hamas murderers in Gaza.’

Following cease-fire talks in Cairo that included U.S., Israeli, Hamas and Qatari officials, the Hamas militant group was considering the latest proposal for a halt in fighting coupled with the release of hostages held in Gaza…”

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