‘We’re running out of patience’: Israel warns UNSC Iran giving weapons to Hezbollah

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned that Iran has accelerated its shipments of weapons to Hezbollah through Syria since the war in Gaza began, stressing that Israel has an ‘inherent right…to defend its territory and its citizens’ in a letter to the United Nations Security Council on Thursday.

Katz stated that Iran was committing ‘gross violations’ of UNSC resolution 1701, as well as violations of UNSC resolutions 2231 and 1540.

‘Over the past months, while Israel is engaged in an ongoing armed conflict on numerous fronts, Iran is accelerating the pace of its weapons transfers to Hezbollah,’ wrote the foreign minister. ‘Iran is doing so by ground, using the porous Syrian-Lebanese border, as well as by air and sea, in violation of UNSCR 1701.’

According to the letter, the shipments include components for air defense systems, drones (including the Shahed-101 and Shahed-136), and several different missiles (including the Mini-Ababil and the 358 anti-aircraft interceptor)…”

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